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Lost Firefox Bookmarks

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dude that blows, it's happened to me quite a few times, i know this isn't helpful but i started using http://del.icio.us/ for all my bookmarks. with firefox and rss feeds i keep all my bookmarks sync across every computer i touch. only down side is some times the site gets a little heavy and things slow to a crawl, this means sometimes you don't get to post new bookmarks but i haven't had a problem with the bookmarks themselves. hope you can find a way to recover your bookmarks g

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You should export all of your bookmarks now and then. It's what I do almost every fortnight.


Just take a good look around the firefox folders and everything that relates to firefox. It should be somewhere.


ps: Not related but it's also a good thing to export all of your registry which ends up of beeing around 20MB, depending on how much you have on your machine. You only need 3 clicks to f**k up your computer. :rolleyes: Lesson learned. <_<

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I countered it twice this year, and it's indeed bad. Lucky for me, most of my bookmarks are in IE since I use IE more.


Although I don't use IE for anything but Windows Update, I do this whenever I have new bookmarks in Firefox. I export em and import them into IE, just because I like having my "Favourites" in the Start Menu.

Have you noticed however, that in doing so.......IE never imports the "Mozilla Firefox" folder properly? It imports the folder, but none of the shortcuts.

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