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New Arcade machine for sale


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BigGames™ Home Video Arcades are real arcade machines for the Home.  Each unit plays 12 of the original arcade versions of the most popular Midway™ games including: Defender™, Defender II™, Robotron™, Joust™, Bubbles™, Splat™, Sinistar™, Rampage™, Rootbeer Tapper™, Wizard of Wor™, Timber™, and Satan's Hollow™. 


The unit stands 62” tall and has an included, built-in, full color monitor.


Additional A/V inputs allow almost any existing home video game system, DVD player, VCR or other A/V product to be easily plugged in and viewed on the built-in monitor.


Expected to be available November 2005 for about $500.


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