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Big "N" Shitttty @ McDonalds


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I say next time consider


1)Jack in the Box

2)Carl's Jr. aka Hardees


and finally




Supposibly hardees sux.

I like Carl's Jr. burgers because they're cooked real good


the meat has flavor :)

People try to think Carls Jr. and Hardee's are the same. They ARE NOT. Carls Jr. has the best burgers in town and are in 2nd place to In and Out. :lol:

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How the hell do all these fast food joints survive in the US to beome large enough to afford TV advertisement on a regular basis?

Beyond the major chains I know up here in Canada, I see commercials on TV for 30-40 other places like the ones just mentioned.

Like Holy Sheep man.......does everyone down there eat fast food every day or something? Those places wouldn't be able to grow large enough for that up here.

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what are the differences between Carls Jr. and Hardees?

I don't know what the exact differences are. The problem is that everyone says that Hardee's sucks. And if Hardee's = Carls Jr., that can't be possible. Therefore, Carls Jr. is different than Hardee's. Also Carls Jr. has a different menu as well. :lol:




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I don't remember the last time I ate at McDonalds because I usually go to our popular local fast food joint but I assure you the McDonalds here has far better service than your place. I never had that experience with them before.

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My favorite fast food used to be Arby's, until last year my wife and I both ordered the chicken bacon and swiss sandwich. Underneath the breading of the chicken it was 100% raw. It was quite disgusting. She was the one who bit into it first (I just broke mine open to see the same thing) so she was really traumatized by it. We were on a trip and driving somewhere so we didn't go back to yell at them. Now I wish I had documented it some!

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Burgers :


~Burger King

~Hardees (Carls jr. Yes, they are close enough to be conisdered the same)


~ Wendy's (way down on the list)



and time for a repost of my freedom fries story :


i had just finished work  and i went to this local resturant for some food...


this is pretty much the dialouge:



dumbass waiter: Good day sir can i take your order?


me: yeah, i'd like a cherry coke, a double cheese burger and a side of french fries


dumbass waiter: you mean freedom fries?


me: i mean french fries


dumbass waiter: they're called freedom fries


me: french, freedom, i don't care i just want some fries


dumbass waiter: well you do know they've been renamed right?


(at this point i was getting really annoyed)


me: i couldn't care less, just get me my fries.


dumbass waiter: well you hafta call them by their name, they've been renamed to free...


me cutting him off: look *i look at his name tag* Micheal (or whatever his name was i can't remember) how about i rename you DumbAss, now DumbAss go get me some fries.


dumbass waiter: sir, you don't hafta be rude.


me: you know what Dumbass, go get your flocking manager Dumbass


(he runs off )


manager: Is their a problem sir?


me: yes it seems your waiter decided to give me a lecture on what i should be calling my food.


manager:I'm very sorry, i'll make sure he gets punished, now what was your order?


me: a cherry coke, a double cheese burger and some french fries please.


manager: you mean freedom fries?


Me: Ah flock this place, I'm getting the flock outta here you flocking retards.


*cue me calling the manager alot of expeltives on my way out*


I did go to another resturant, which i had never tried, but found out they had better burgers and some reall tasty fries.



anywho i think i called him dipshit instead of dumbass

i can't remember...


i also told the manager something about shoving his freedom fries up his ass.


it was a while back though, so i don't recall all the details.

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