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Nebula 2.25 WIP

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Work on Nebula 2.25 continues. From the French translation below, it appears that it will be released next month.



Source (link removed)


Small excluded in this July :(  For some time (and after step badly of feedback ^^) Elsemi polishes Nebula to leave us a version corrected many bugs and having an up to date code compared to mame (ex:  reading of the encryptées samples Vx of the roms neogeo, which has as a consequence the addition of a parameter PCM2 in the dats).  The dats are also up to date and are based on those of Mr.-J, all in conformities with Mame and Kawaks (like always).  In addition to the various corrections and updates, some plays PGM were added and emulated as us shows it the following images.  The whole (a little delayed compared to what was envisaged) should leave normally during August.



Click on the above link to see the images, which feature screen shots of Knights of Valour 2.





/me bad i didn't know about the link problem

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This could of been good in the news section :(

But I might have to remove your link. As it seems to link to a known rom site.


Oh yeah thread moved.



Below are some screenshots of Knights of Valour 2


Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting























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Wow this news are Great ^__^... :(


ElSemi never stop, thats what i like about him and his emu :)


Btw, I think if he keep like that Nebula will be the emu with CPS3,

yup...he know about the decryption of data and how CDs store data

too...he talked about it in FBA forums when Loop said it was not

known how to decrypt data of CPS3.


My original language is spanish so if you see something strage its

just that :D...[im newww in heree!!! xD]





PD: Great page & forums :)..i hope this be here for a long time

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ElSemi and the CPS2Shock guys are the no.1 guys that know something concrete about emulating the CPS-3 at least to some extent. It's nice to see that Nebula isn't dead.

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