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  1. MAME v0.127u3 Released http://www.mamedev.org/ SeeYaa! :biggrin:
  2. FB Alpha Release New release with lot of cool stuff to keep burning out crappy builds around the net Check the What's new!: http://www.barryharris.me.uk/article_view.php?id=123 Pictures of my recent WIP are coming soon, so stay alert for news at NeoSource, another great site hosted at 1Emulation.Com! ^^ SeeYaa!
  3. Seems to be a very interesting piece of software ^^, I might have a look at it later I found some info here , if someone still wanna know more about it. http://www.btsoftware.com/products/starw.htm SeeYaa!
  4. I dont have a XBOX (I'm religious to Sony xD) but I wanna get one for emulators later, so when that time comes I probably will be playing some of the games supported in FBA-XXX probably I will not use the XBOX for it's games because of my religion xDD, I think even my shoes are Sony lol PS: For those XBOX religious ppl looking at this post, I come in peace . SeeYaa!
  5. I think this listing should be updated Probably when I get a time today I will donate an updated list with some nice descriptions and stuff for 1Emulation SeeYaa!
  6. LOL that would be me xD But for those who didn't know it has been a while since Im back, and well the reason of the hiatus has been explained @ NeoSource. I couldn't keep going around the net after I found this topic so now I will contribute with some comments ^^... FB Alpha Rules - for those who haven't been using it for a while I really recommend you do, because, just take some minutes to look at the recent additions to both burn / burner interface. http://www.barryharris.me.uk/ or check the "whatsnew.txt" included in the latest release (v0.2.96.95) download the emu, give it a try and look at the massive changes going on, I'm not bluffing Btw, Im now giving all my support to the official FB Alpha project, so every collaboration will go to the official project. My home board is IQ_132 forums (NeoSource) so you can see my work exclusively in there. http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/ Finally, my choice when using a arcade emulator is... 1-FBA / 2-MAME (for those games not in FBA, but most of the games I like are in FBA and the others will be ported in the future probably so everything is cool ^^) SeeYaa!
  7. Oh don't worry man! ^^, Its not a problem with the news hehe , I'm just commenting about the FBA Shuffle It was late in night so pls forget me for not specifying Oh and yeah, I know about KOF2112 SeeYaa!
  8. What I would like is that they give credits to those who worked on the code that they used to build their program, since it's public. They make lot of public coding acquired around the net into 'private' with this Shuffle build. I'm not talking in a way so that they release the source, I have the original coding from a lot of features it have. and I can make them myself. It's just that it doesn't feel good to be doing something for all and then they take exclusive control over something that is originally public, and btw Im talking about coding & updates released @ NeoSource. SeeYaa!
  9. FB Alpha comes to life in NeoSource where it get lot of source and drivers updated mostly by the loyal users in there, like IQ_132 (the Admin), BisonSAS, OopsWare (he did the CPS3 driver for FBA originally, now IQ_132 and I are working on it too), Treble Winner (FBA Team) goes to the forums sometimes and post updates or help. So basically if you want to get updates of FBA you should visit NeoSource (hosted by 1Emulation too) And returning to the FB Alpha Enhanced topic, before this build I was working on other one, if you like this one you should look to what I did for the other build , it is called FB Alpha Extras and you can see it's official thread here (take some time to read every page, it should be fun ): http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php?topic=635.0 but Im not working on it right now, Im doing the FB Alpha Enhanced and importing everything little by little to make a final bug-free version with the latest official core of FBA (btw, this one is being built/tested on W.Vista for latest OS compatibility) SeeYaa!
  10. It uses the same roms as MAME, so if you have the latest MAME sets there should be no problem. SeeYaa!
  11. Hey James!..hehe ^^u i do the traduction maybe for today so i will edit the images when i do ^^...so everybody understand and enjoy SeeYaa!!
  12. Well im back to the forum, and i wanna share with all of you my original mini comics... Courtesy of MoreGamez.Com ...i hope you all lke them... they're in spanish sorry i made them recently, but i will do them english too so you can enjoy ^^... I hope you like it...here is the second one i made... please leave the link to the original post here... original post: http://arena.red32.net/%7Echimera/forum/sh...read.php?t=1770 If you do one mini comic please dont hesitate to post it SeeYaaa!!!
  13. ThanX!!! IQ! ^__^... I tested all the changes in my Unofficial compile of MAME32 and they go fantastic ^^... Joemacr has better sound in this latest updates and tested Osman too, is going good too Im just waiting for the release of the new redumped roms for Charlie Ninja ^^...i hope Haze keep the good work on this and release some updates about Charlie Ninja soon SeeYaa!!
  14. After the release of Mame98u3 Haze come back with updates to the following: 1st update july 31 2005 2nd update August 1st 2005 3rd update August 1st 2005 4th update August 1st, 2005 And a WIP just came out too: August 2 2005 WIP More images and downloads of the Source Updated files here: » http://haze.mameworld.info/ SeeYaa!!! PD: Now to compile my unoffcial mame32 v98u4 xDD
  15. ThanX man, i will keep checking connections and pings... Didnt know about input lag...but maybe my prob was the user i was connected and the server as you said I will try other servers...^^ ThanX a lot Everyone ! SeeYaa!
  16. While i was trying to enter mame.net today, it says this... O_O.... X__X SeeYaa!!!
  17. ThanX for the replies ... GryphonKlaw, what i mean is that when i press a button (Ex.Punch) it react like half a second later [1/2 second] I will be testing again and trying diferent Server/Ping...to see if i can use the controls normally... I dont really know whats my ping but ill be checking, im new on Netplay..thats why i dont know some things Other thing i saw about netplay is that nebula dont have a Menu for netplay...but supports it [?] and Kawaks lag a lot, FBA not tested because is a personal build i made and i dont know if is compatible with other FBA's...I use Mame32K 0.64 because is the better going on netplay and going 60fps ThanX All... SeeYaa!
  18. I have been playing via Kaillera recently but my controls are not functioning well..and the game is running at 60fps... I use MAME32k v0.64 Its suposed to go well, right? What this could be? I have a Paradyne Modem with LAN 256k Connection... i download things up to 27KB/s. btw, Uploads go up to 17KB/s. Do i need other joystick? more speed? ThanX in advance SeeYaa!
  19. :: MAME32 98u3 Out too! Mame32u.98.3 (Binary) and Mame32u.98.3 (Source) are ready to download here: » http://www.classicgaming.com/mame32qa/ Edit*... OR you can download directly from my server too (more easy) » Mame32u.98.3_Binary.exe [binary] [~6.14mb] » Mame32u.98.3_Source.exe [source] [~346KB] SeeYaa!
  20. Wow this news are Great ^__^... ElSemi never stop, thats what i like about him and his emu Btw, I think if he keep like that Nebula will be the emu with CPS3, yup...he know about the decryption of data and how CDs store data too...he talked about it in FBA forums when Loop said it was not known how to decrypt data of CPS3. My original language is spanish so if you see something strage its just that ...[im newww in heree!!! xD] SeeYaa! PD: Great page & forums ..i hope this be here for a long time
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