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Additionally, I noticed that the performance of some games isn't what I recall in the past. An example is Darkstalkers. Felicia's icon in the character select screen flickers the whole time and the gameplay is quite choppy, neither of which did I notice in previous releases.


Change 'scancount == 240' to 'scancount == 256' and 'force_partial_update(240)' to 'force_partial_update(256)' in cps2.c fixed it.

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By the way, I tryed seibuspi drivers again on my 128m xbox, raiden fighter need vmm be set to 4 and 2048, rdft2 need 4 and 1024. They need about 90m extra memory maybe for gfx decrypting? Maybe we can copy the encrypted gfx data to z: then decrypt it then copy it back to memory to use less memory, like neogeo c rom decrypting code.


After loading game, the game runs, but it says check sum error



:banghead: I see you're almost there to get raiden fighters work for 128MB boards, about the checksun error, isn't there some update in the raiden fighters roms since v.084? How v0.99 drivers are handling the encryption?

I hope you're encouraged to still trying some ideas to get this game to work :P

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