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I have check again Seibuspi's drivers. All is identical to mame 0.98 in my private release but still stuck.


When I set 4mb and 512kb => memalloc error, not enough memory etc !


When I set down 512kb to 320 (even 256) mameox stuck at "Loading Complete".


So it is nearly for sure a VMM management i think, or like britneyspairs said, a 64mb pb...


I will release this private xbe to someone who has a 128 mb xbox to test if he want ! <_<

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I have a 128mb box with 2 version of mame on there. I use mame71.1b to play my mk games as they work perfect there and also sf1 works great! And I have the new mamedox and can tell you that sf1 DOESN"T WORK PROPERLY. it lags as if I didn't have the 128 ram upgrade. The mk series don't work either, but I know it's because of the drivers. Bendermike, I'd be happy to test that private xbe and post results. <_<

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I tryed adding seipuspi too. The games load fine on my 128M memory xbox, but after loading I can only get a fatal error:


cpu #0 uses wrong 32-bit handlers for address space 0 (should be 8-bit)!


Then I can press any key to return to the rom list, without any freeze.

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