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You need to delete default.cfg before using this version.

When you use this version it will make a new default.cfg, only with this one it wont freeze.

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cheers HK that would be great........ have you looked at midway drivers if so and need some help let me know, or can point me closer to sorting rolling back the drivers. Right now im working on other stuff but will spend the time and get the help needed if you or someone else that knows kind of what they are doing knows of any direction that may work



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Ill test it tonight HK is it possible to chat. Add me to your MSN ill fully test what you have done and I hope we can chat about some drivers and your thoughts as MK and Raiden 2 are most asked for things now and you may have some more ideas of a direction to head in, cheers



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just did some more testing and i found out that if i disable network features in the options i always get a black screen...if i enable it all is fine...and if you have a 64meg version xbox use a vm.txt from one of the other releases coz this is missing quite a few games

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