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PSP 1.50 homebrews working


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Homebrew code is working on 1.50, not just 1.00 now. :clapping: Not sure how many people here this applies to (certainly not me), but it looks like the PSP scene is about to really take off.

I wonder how long it'll be until Sony releases a new upgrade to counter this, and how long until that is broken as well. :punk:


The exploit is now available. There are torrents out plus a page with about a dozen download sites. PM if you can't find it yourself.

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way to much hastle for me to play a slow ass emulator. when they figure out a non swap method and the emu's come along abit better then I'll be in.

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I would be interested for more possibilities than just emulators. Enhanced web browsers and chat clients for instance. And media players and other programs you could port to the psp. There's really a ton of possibilities if the right programmers get interested in the device.

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