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Progear on Kawa-x?


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This unofficial release of Kawa-X supports the following sets : svcnd, mslug4nd, matrimnd, samsh5nd, kof2k2nd, mslug5nd, pnyaan, ghostlop, rotdnd, kof2k3nd, ss5spnd & progear. kof2k3nd, svcnd & mslug4nd 512 K S1's 'R not added yet. rotdnd matches Kawaks 1.53 set, except the P1 rom.

bngbeadn, androdun, kof99nd & kof2k1nd sets now match Kawaks 1.53 sets.

* Removed games 'R just 6 glitched games + 1 CPS-2 game : neocup98 (Glitched), ridheroh (Glitched), ridhero (Glitched), ssideki2 (Glitched), ssideki3 (Glitched), ssideki4 (Glitched) & mpangj.



Sets added in detail :



ProGear (USA 010117)



ghostlop (GhostLop [prototype])

gl-p1.rom 1 Mb

gl-m1.rom 128 Kb

gl-s1.rom 128 Kb

gl-c1.rom & gl-c2.rom 4 Mb / each rom

gl-v1.rom 2 Mb



mslug4nd (Metal Slug 4 [predecrypted])

263-p1n.bin 1 Mb

263-p2.bin 4 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

263-m1d.bin 64 Kb

ms4n_s1.rom 128 Kb

ms4n_c1.rom to ms4n_c6.rom 8 Mb / each rom

263-v1d.bin & 263-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



rotdnd (Rage of the Dragons [predecrypted])

264-p1n.bin 4 Mb (crc32 3B0BC22B fixed by HappyASR : useless data removed, console mode enabled & some timing issues fixed)

264-m1d.bin 64 Kb

rodn_s1.rom 128 Kb

rodn_c1.rom to rodn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

264-v1d.bin & 264-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



kof2k2nd (The King of Fighters 2002 [predecrypted])

265-p1.bin 1 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

265-p2n.bin 4 Mb

265-m1d.bin 128 Kb

kf2k2_s1.rom 128 Kb

kf2k2_c1.rom to kf2k2_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

265-v1d.bin & 265-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



matrimnd (Shin Goketuji Ichizoku : Tokon Matrimelee [predecrypted])

266-p1n.bin 1 Mb

266-p2n.bin 4 Mb

266-m1d.bin 128 Kb

matrn_s1.rom 128 Kb

matrn_c1.rom to matrn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

266-v1d.bin & 266-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



pnyaan (Pochi and Nyaa [predecrypted])

267-p1.bin 1 Mb (needn't decrypted stuff)

267-m1d.bin 128 Kb

pnyaa_s1.rom 128 Kb

pnyaa_c1.rom & pnyaa_c2.rom 8 Mb / each rom

267-v1d.bin 4 Mb



mslug5nd (Metal Slug 5 [predecrypted])

268-p1n.bin 1 Mb

268-p2n.bin 4 Mb

268-m1d.bin 64 Kb

ms5n_s1.rom 128 Kb

ms5n_c1.rom to ms5n_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

268-v1d.bin & 268-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



svcnd (SNK vs. Capcom : SVC Chaos [predecrypted PCB version])

269-p1n.bin 8Mb

269-m1d.bin 128 Kb

svcn_s1.rom 128 Kb

svcn_c1.rom to svcn_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

269-v1d.bin & 269-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



samsh5nd (Samurai Shodown V [predecrypted])

270-p1n.bin 8Mb

270-m1d.bin 128 Kb

ss5n_s1.rom 128 Kb

ss5n_c1.rom to ss5n_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

270-v1d.bin & 270-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom



kof2k3nd (The King of Fighters 2003 [predecrypted PCB version])

271-p1n.bin 8 Mb

271-m1d.bin 128 Kb

kf2k3_s1.rom 128 Kb

kf2k3_c1.rom to kf2k3_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

271-v1d.bin & 271-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom (V1d 16 Mb splitted into 2 segs)



ss5spnd (Samurai Shodown V Special [predecrypted] indeed AES recalled)

272-p1n.bin 8Mb

272-m1d.bin 128 Kb

ss5sp_s1.rom 128 Kb

ss5sp_c1.rom to ss5sp_c8.rom 8 Mb / each rom

272-v1d.bin & 272-v2d.bin 8 Mb / each rom


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I've noticed :

I did an error* in the data files I posted in the preview page : bngbeadn & kof99nd m1 roms should be named respectively 259-m1.bin & 251-m1.bin instead of 259-m1d.bin & 251-m1d.bin.


* I've updated CM & RC data files, posted 'em in the preview page to fix this stupid error.

Edited by Mr.X
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  • 9 years later...

Just rename progear set name archive as mpangj's one, then rename each progear rom image & xor as mpangj's ones.


Or edit the xbe file to rename mpangj set name, roms images & add pga-sim.06a & 06b roms images support in accordance with progear set.

old topic this i know but i am interested in running progear in kawax just to see how it runs.

one thing i would like to know is how do you go about renaming a xor?

is there is an app you need?

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When MAME had xors, they looked like extra roms. So you could rename them just like any file.


Since they are probably in a zip file, you'll need to unzip the zipfile, rename the contents as needed, then zip them back up.


I'd expect kawa-x to work the same way.

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