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"Where the roms at?" Radio Show, Feb. 06 '05

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SO, what is the time for the radio talk show?

Can I use Windows Media Player to listen in?

It pays to read things before you post :blink:


ANyway, it is 4am my time, so I am definitely not joining in :)

I hope GC will post the file after the radio session though :)


Don't worry, it will be up for download. I'll be saving the stream since I'm the one broadcasting. But it would be awesome to get James on.

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3 new people have been added to the show! :D


- Mikeshoup [Owner of the Linux Emulation Site, TuxEmu.com]

- LoRd_Snow [Owner of the NextGen Emulation Site, EmuNext.Net]

- MooglyGuy [Staff of Zophar.Net and General Maintainer. Contributed a couple drivers to MAME and wrote a couple arcade emulators for the GameCube (specifically, one for Pac-Man and one for an arcade test game, Dottori Kun). Also wrote the "Animal Crossing trade code generator program" located at Zophar.]

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