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don't ask where I find it.. but go ahead for those that want to know whats after 176.




Jump Cover: Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, and Kon are playing Frisbee.

Title: end of hypnosis 9 [Completely Encompass]

When Aizen was about to take out his sword against Byakuya, who was on his knee, Yoruichi and SoiFong appear and sting their swords on Aizen's neck.

Then East Seiryu Gate Gate Keeper "insert name" and North Kokuryou Gate Gate Keeper Danzo-maru, South Shukei Gate Gate Keeper Hiko (sp?) Nyuudou appear.

Kuukaku and Jidan-bou also appear and Kuukaku use Hadou #63 Raikou-hou (sp?) and defeat Hiko Nyuudou.

Jidanbou defeats the other two with bare hand.

Gin was watching the situation, and Rangiku sting his/her sword to Gin's neck.

Kyouraku, Ukitake, Nanao, Yamajii, First division captain, and the other two (forgot the name) appear and surround everyone.

Aizen see the situation, and make an evil grin.



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do u know when the manga is coming out? tomorrow, maybe??


EDIT: nvm, there's no bleach manga this week

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Well no, I over heard there's a possibility, despite having two ppl leak out these spoilers. There's a chance the raw would be out sooner. But still, don't get your hopes up.

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Bleach 30 by Lunar is out...


It's a good episode, the fight of Renji and Ichigo has just begun. We prolly expect at least 2 more episode to finish the fight between the two. Oh and this week's feature ending is the 4th division..(captain: Unohana Retsu, Lieutinent: err don't know her name yet according to the manga).


edit: Bleach chp 177 is out as well.

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By far one of the best episode yet.. now you can find out how Ichigo last fought Renji with a explosion of high spirit pressure. They shown what Ichigo were undergo training from Urahara during those 10 days.


And yes.. whats best about this episode was the fight =D


and this week featured ending is the 2nd division. Captain (Soi Fong) and lieutinent (Oomaeda Marechiyo).


btw about the girl with the brown skin.. hehe that is the biggest spoiler.. so I won't say a thing and hopefully none of the manga readers here do to. =P

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The epi's on lunar come out every wednsday, how do you guys get them on tuesday?

Because we are awsome to the max. :)


And huge anime nerds.

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  • 2 weeks later...

very late indeed.. but ok.


I'm gonna discuss the latest episode, 33.


Anywho.. I didn't look forward to it when I saw the previews on ep 34, but man.. I'm kinda glad..they bring back some humor in, I chuckled and laughed a few times, overall it's a fun episode :(


oh and uhh... for this week's ending:


featured captain: Komamura Sajin (aka bucket head)

lieutinent: Iba Tetsuzaemon (hhahahah kitty tatooed knief wielding lackey pffft... )


oi oi..


edit: bleach 34 raw is out. I know, the sub should be out around 12 hours from now, I would guess even maybe earlier by bleach society. But on either tuesday nite or earlier wednesday, lunar should have it sub by then.

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I still haven't awtch any of Bleach, although I haveall the 33 episodes so far. I know it's fun and good, but try not to spoil too many things.


btw, Shingetsutan Tsukihime is awesome. (Yay for Arcueid)

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