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MAMEoX with 090 CPS2 Support!


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Thanks ;)


Now i'am workin' on crystal system


I have implemented it, but still have an error after loading roms....


"cpu #0 uses wrong 32-bit handlers for address space 0 (should be 8-bit) !"


I'm stuck with that..if someone can help :D

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I think they may be talking about that "BenderMAMEBox" version of MAMEoX posted over at XBox-Sky.  Sammaz referred to Sky a few posts back.



...and I don't think there's any source available?! so without this, nice features that get developed are limited to those versions...and will take a lot longer for me to add, since most of my attention at this time is on fba-xxx.






Modified Sources are normally packaged with it ;)


If users don't.....not my fault ;)


Thanks found the source in the 08/01 release. You just save a ton of time for me...back to fba-xxx... :D




Right on! Have you had any luck with Progear in FBA-XXX yet?

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Long time lurker, first time poster etc etc :D


Wanted to thank Djohng for such a great job in updating mameox with the new progear drivers/updated CPS2 drivers, thanks very much. I've downloaded the bender mame from sky and although BritneysPAIRS post suggests an extra screenshot folder and screenshots in list view, I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere, can anyone confirm if these features are in or not?.


I'm also having a few problems regarding the VMM settings, a few of the roms that require VM crash with an 'out of memory' error when trying to take a screenshot ingame. Progear does this with the default VMM settings, but after a bit of tweaking I found a threshold of 2MB and a Commit size of 2MB enabled me to take screenshots without a crash.


Dimahoo is a rom I'm currently having problems with, so if anyone can offer any advice with regards to VMM settings I'd appreciate it.


Once again, big thanks to bender and djohng for keeping this emu alive ;)

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Ive made the XBMC skin myself.... for latest version


Id like to speak to a developer and improve MameOX slighty and make it look way prettier. If you want MameOX skin ive quickly hacked together or XBMC skins ive done Email or MSN at disson@hotmail.com, ive programmed B4 but havent looked at coding MameOX really and im a professional Designer plus I understand Xbox software very well including running any mameOX game I want really


Anyway hope to hear from anyone who wants do improve on the great work thats been done so far.

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ohhh nooooo....can you add flicker filter disable and soften : off ???


that has nothing to do with them


or how about putting a mp3 player into mameox so you could use it as a dash and be able to launch.xbes from the games list....like i could launch Marvel vs. capcom 2 xbox game from mameox menu....


and you could have the mp3 player just play random mp3s from a single directory...like my dash does



that would be awesome :rofl:

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