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MAMEoX with 090 CPS2 Support!


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lil update from x-s:


Iriez has mentioned that yoshihiro is working on an update to mameox and has sucessfully added 90! claims hes currently doing some touchups and Iriez asked him to add a "feature" mamefans will find handy.


here's the link:


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i am hearing that there are some great fixes to the sega games in the latest.90u builds...like hang on and outrunners...can you implement this easily like you added the crystal system?



that would be cool...but flicker filter option and soften option are still 1st on my wish list


bender and djohng what are you guys working on now?


I cannot locate where soften is...


And my actual work is on neogeo kawaks 1.53 match (with neo pcm v2 code, vxd for recent set will not be needed anymore)


I have fix few things in ui_text (like "presse left and right to continue" instead of "press OK", and "press any button" instead of "press any key")


Added gunbarich but have to fix controls...


Added screenshot support in list mode


Added Skin Chooser option


Have set VMM on 8MB by default


and other few things...but if yoshihiro update to mame 0.90...i will follow my work on that !

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Little of the topic, i was trying sengeki strikers in mameox with the right vm settings got the rom loaded and goes so far and crashs.


I have tryed the same rom in mame 32 v90, works prefect fine and I have even tryed it in a old bulid mame 32 v 84.


rom details :


sengekis.zip size 14 mb (japan) (kaneko/warashi)

vm settings 4 8 65535

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no probs here getting it to run a little slow down FBA-XXX or KAWA-X runs this better but its nice its still here it only slows down a little with really heavy action




sengeki strikers only supported in mame, works fine in windows mame. But locks up in mameox.



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