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MAMEoX with 090 CPS2 Support!


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a quick fix....


you have "start" + "white" button combo to go to mame setup config screen. This is a problem for Ind-Bios users. This command powers off the xbox :)


can you set the default command for this to be "Start" + "R-click(thumbpress)" or anything else



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Opps I guess this is the only button you need to work and it dont ill look at bio`s if not ill post tell you how to change save to alow diff keys :)


You have FTP access right?



its ok i got it...i just had to reflash to a x2-4979 bios and then configure mame controls then i flashed back to ind-bios-5003




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i am hearing that there are some great fixes to the sega games in the latest.90u builds...like hang on and outrunners...can you implement this easily like you added the crystal system?



that would be cool...but flicker filter option and soften option are still 1st on my wish list


bender and djohng what are you guys working on now?

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