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MAMEoX with 090 CPS2 Support!


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Does this patch for KOF2003,KOF2001,SVC Plus Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5 and Samurai showdown 5 etc(most banned roms), if so I downloaded this MAME its great.

Cant get all banned roms working yet but getting close.


Is there any way to get to you to put in screenshots in list mode?


Its the one feature id so love to see id even help buy say buying something online for them to help the developer who does it



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Hi Sam can I get in contact with you I want to sort out that mame ive fully sorted other reskined it (like my XBMC skin) have added cheats screens samples everything but I need a to get in contact if possible to fully sort this build is i posible to Email me or MSN on disson@hotmail.com



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