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MAMEoX with 090 CPS2 Support!


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nice job bender, looks great :banghead:


tho i won't be abe to try this out since i have a xbox prob (accidently screwed up someones 1.6 mobo by lifting a trace so what was mine is now his) ;)


gotta find some who can do trace repairs so i can get this board running but proly in a month i'll get a board with the added memory.

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top notch job on the skinning...




but the flicker filter thing isnt what i was talking about really...like in FBAxxx you can change the flicker filter levels in the video options and it has 5 different levels...then there is a softern switch there also...the flicker filter setting in this new build doesnt do anything like that :banghead: vasara2 is awesome i havent tried gunbarich yet...


kof2003 (mvs)

and svcchaos (mvs) non bootlegs are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!


thanx again and if you can look into this filter thing that would be great ;)

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my xbox got toast, but just got it back now and going to try this bendor mameox.



Nevermind got it fixed.


Sammaz there still a problem with gunbarich and most of Psikyo games.


from bender

- gunbarich and dragon blaze have some problems....

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where can i get this bendermameox from?


Check your pm :)


Anyway small fixed version :


BenderMameOx 01.21.2005 -Fixed Version-


- Corrected dragon blaze driver , works again :)

- Gunbarich input corrected :) game works now ! :)

- Cthd2003 is fixed also


Thanks :)



nice update ;),


Just tested the new 1:



dragon blaze & gunbarich work fine

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