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  1. "Removed switch to hide clone sets from ROMlist. (for some games the only working sets are clones so this option is useless)" Have you considered changing the option to hide clones, unless better than parent? Similar to mamewah and other front ends? This way you always have working roms displayed and none of the parents that do not work.
  2. I have searched the newsgroups I am not seeing this in those usual places? Anyone care to throw me a bone?
  3. I use UnleashX , It lets you update from the Dashboard, download skins etc....very good Dashboard, and updated more often then AvaLaunch
  4. Great work! Keep it up!
  5. I agree I know you probably hear it from everyone, but I do and I believe we all appreciate what your doing for all of us to enjoy =) Thanks, --deadsoulz
  6. Where can I get your skin GLiTcH?
  7. What exactly was the problem I did notice I was missing a lot more Samsho5 roms then I was in previous releases, was it just a rom crc / dat issue?
  8. Yeah and PM me the link =) Great work on this, best Mame yet for Xbox.
  9. Anyone got a clrmame dat file for this? I didn't see one in the Archive.
  10. I would be willing to host a.torrent file on my webserver. Also Newsgroups would be one of the better options. If I had it I could upload it to the newsgroups, or you could if you have an account.
  11. If this was Mk2 it would be well worth it, a Perfect Arcade Port of Mk2 would be great! The best game in the series.
  12. I am up for the 100 meg package, but a smaller one for the people that don't want it wouldn't be a bad idea either, but 100 megs isn't that large anymore.
  13. Any updates here? I can't wait for this.
  14. I would like all 3 =P hehehehe
  15. Yeah I know that is a limitation, I guess I wasn't clear, or maybe there just isn't enough interest. There still should be a way to remove a game from the the game selection menu, not automatically, but maybe by when its highlighted by pressing a button or a combination of buttons so it doesn't come back up, unless you re-activate it. This shouldn't have anything to do with scanning roms before or you launch it, just a feature of the menu.
  16. This is just a feature request if possible, I would like a way to remove/ add games to your list of what displays available, This would come in handy so if you have any incomplete sets you don't ahve to have them show up, so people don't launch them, or if you have multiple games and you only want u.s. roms to show etc.....Also I have tons of versions for example of samurai showdown 5, and only a few of them seem to work some get bank errors etc....I don't want people with less knowledge than me running these and comlaining to me =P (AE my wife and family).....Keep up the great work!
  17. Anyone made a dat file for Bender Mameox yet? I could really use one to make sure my set is complete.
  18. Can someone please post these fills for me, either to alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo, or msg me for an ftp drop. there are 55 individual roms I am missing not romsets to complete my set. If you need any that I have I will be happy to help out. This is a clrmamepro fix.dat *snip* Thanks, DeaDSOuLz
  19. Anyone got a clrmamepro dat file for BenderMamox?
  20. Anyway to make FBA-XXX not show the game in the list if the romset is incomplete? I can't seem to complete your romsets, I got a lot but missing a lot of straggler roms.....my wife and nephews place a lot and they like things to just work =)
  21. If anyone can help me out with a fix.dat made with clrmamepro let me know please =)
  22. Thanks for the dats! its quite a bit differn't than djhans, I posted a fix.dat on a.b.e.neogeo hopefully someone can help me out =) Looks like new FBA-X is out as well with progear support, hope you incorporate the changes =) I like your version.
  23. Can someone post a clrmame pro dat file for this build? THANKS in ADvance =)
  24. Somebody please PM me where to get bendermameox as well.
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