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Progear No Arashi Released!

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Xor's for Progear (US 010117) were released yesterday.


Xor's for Progear no Arashi (Jap 010117) + code + z80 were already released indeed.


Missing roms 're samples & Gfx. Btw, D-BIOS said to klk the roms 'll be released soon.

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The roms have some encrypted instructions. The original

game's CPU decrypted them on the fly. The emulator

cannot do that yet, so some kind person has created

a XOR "rom" to do the conversion of encrypted to clear


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Guru said :


2nd January, 2004

The ProGear Fiasco.........


Officially, right now I do not have ProGear. I HAD it, but sold it due to a large cash offer because I knew there was another one available which can be loaned to me if required. I've only just recently remembered to remove the texts from my site regarding having the PCB, about 2 weeks ago. I make no apologies for that.

Due to the recent fiasco with ProGear and it's dump being hoarded by the dumper, then the XORs suddenly released but with the graphics ROMs still being hoarded, and a scum-sucking piece of crap named Jan Klass (author of FinalBurn Alpha) pasting logs from an IRC channel I was on to Razoola and spreading even more rumours, untruths and propoganda with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the FACTS (mostly because he was sore that I assisted ElSemi with Crystal System emulation in MAME when he wanted to do it, but was failing miserably after over 6 months of getting nowhere because he's not very good at reverse engineering arcade hardware), there is now a 1 year delay on all new dumps. This doesn't mean I'll be doing dumps and hoarding them, it means I will not be doing any dumping at all for 1 year. This time, everyone has just gone too far.

Assuming I still want to continue then, I'll see you in a year.




From : http://unemulated.emuunlim.com/

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