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Progear No Arashi Released!

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Agozer  Posted Today, 05:52 PM


QUOTE(darkmage479 @ Jan 5 2005, 11:44 PM)

and what is this dimahoo that you speak of?




Great Mahou Daisakusen AKA Dimahoo: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~bevhome/greatmahoupics.htm


I can't believe i've never heard of this game. downloading now...


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meh... i never saw this in any arcade, and i don't go around downloading random roms...


especially with a weird name like DImahoo.


my download's almost done. and no, i don't live under a rock.


edit - got it, it's pretty good, not as good as progear tho... and the style is just weird. worth a 6 minute download...

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MAME cheats :


; [ Progear (USA 0110117) ]

progear:0:FF4320:BE:000:Invincible PL1

progear:0:FF3F73:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL1

progear:0:FF4305:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL1

progear:0:FF4303:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL1

progear:0:FF3782:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL1

progear:0:FF3784:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL1

progear:0:FF3786:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL1

progear:0:FF4380:BE:000:Invincible PL2

progear:0:FF3F75:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL2

progear:0:FF4365:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL2

progear:0:FF4363:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL2

progear:0:FF3788:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL2

progear:0:FF378A:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL2

progear:0:FF378C:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL2



; [ Progear no Arashi (Japan 0110117) ]

progearj:0:FF4320:BE:000:Invincible PL1

progearj:0:FF3F73:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL1

progearj:0:FF4305:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL1

progearj:0:FF4303:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL1

progearj:0:FF3782:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL1

progearj:0:FF3784:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL1

progearj:0:FF3786:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL1

progearj:0:FF4380:BE:000:Invincible PL2

progearj:0:FF3F75:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL2

progearj:0:FF4365:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL2

progearj:0:FF4363:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL2

progearj:0:FF3788:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL2

progearj:0:FF378A:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL2

progearj:0:FF378C:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL2


; [ Progear (Asia 0110117) ]

progeara:0:FF4320:BE:000:Invincible PL1

progeara:0:FF3F73:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL1

progeara:0:FF4305:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL1

progeara:0:FF4303:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL1

progeara:0:FF3782:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL1

progeara:0:FF3784:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL1

progeara:0:FF3786:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL1

progeara:0:FF4380:BE:000:Invincible PL2

progeara:0:FF3F75:0A:000:Infinite Lives PL2

progeara:0:FF4365:0A:000:Infinite Bombs PL2

progeara:0:FF4363:08:000:Maximum Ammo PL2

progeara:0:FF3788:48:000:Active Gage MAX PL2

progeara:0:FF378A:48:000:Safe Gage MAX PL2

progeara:0:FF378C:48:000:Lovely Gage MAX PL2

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I have the 13MB progear.zip off emule now, but the thing is.... eh....

how do you play this!!!

ok.... I figured out that well, Rivet is cute and much more useful if you hold the shoot button down. There's stones that, well, some come to you and some don't, so you have to go pick up the stones. And..... if you use your bomb it will somehow negate all the bullets and somehow add to your stone counter, or is it point counter now?

So far I found it ok, but not as fun as Gigawing. Sad thing is, I looked at screenshots of this game, and really wanted it, but when I got it, I don't know how to play it.

It's hard, though, that's for sure.

And there was some guy here who had a pic of Rivet for his avatar.... I thought it was from Metal Slug 3 at first.

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Well, surely there's a How to Play Screen. Did you pay attention to that? It's a friggin' horizontal shooter for chrissakes, understanding the play mechanics can't be so hard.

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no not really

if you don't insert any coins, eventually what will happen is that you get to see the computer kicking ass. a little ass. Not much. You just don't get shown how it does that.

oh well, I'll just play it without bothering about the points counter.

EDIT: I got it (ow who attacked me)

1. Shooting

In Progear, after you kill some enemies, they drop some stones. If you're just holding the shoot button down, they won't come to you. If you switch back to just pressing the shoot button, though, you're like a magnet for these stones. That's how you get points, through those stones. I think.

2. Bombs

Converts all the enemies' bullets into... uh...... something that gives you points. Don't think it hurts the opponent. When you have 4 bombs, that bomb meter up there looks a little strange with people and a flag around it, but oh well. Nothing new.

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