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Bittorrent seems to be dying....

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It's interesting that they lift forums and IRC servers open.  Anyone see if they had f-serves up with torrents or anything like that?  Or if they went "legit?"


Don't know, but they sure as hell won't try taking on IRC again to stop file sharing. At least not anytime soon I think. The only change I've seen is maybe self-regulation, in the case of DALnet which strictly prohibits channels for the sole use of file sharing. It might be a wise move to avoid a future crackdown if one should come, kinda like 1Emu and no roms.

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OMFG, this can't be happening !!! no more free stuff !!! lol

, jk, new site will pop p anyway, but it better be soon

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It's sad to see Suprnova gone mostly because of it's iconic status in the bt world. It wasn't the best torrent site by any means, but by Christ it was good. It just seemed to be one of the 'untouchable' sites, but alas the mighty have fallen. However it is only one of many good torrent sites so no worries. A sad development nonetheless. :devilboy:

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