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Show off your modded xbox! /controllers


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well mines now has a clear case on it with a clear jewel but here was my xbox a few months back



Mod: softmod audio/font hack switcher ( too poor to afford a proper chip and plus im cheap! :) )




dvd drive: thompson :P sucky!!









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I wanna pic of you holding the clear case xbox in one hand and waving with the other. Please.


:lol:  :o  ;)  :(  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:


Is it so hard to believe someone has a crystal xbox?


lol. It was a (poor) joke. Hell, I'd believe him if he told me he had a crystal ball.


ah. just after hovering on some forums, its kind of hard to tell sometimes. my apologies.


I havent modded my current xbox yet, aside from placing a new led in the front. My old xbox which i sold had dvd, hard drive and lan led lights. Im not bold enough to go dremeling around my crystal xbox and start adding stuff like that in.

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dvd drive: thompson ^_^ sucky!!


dude I got a thompson and I don't know what people are complaining about. sure it only reads cd-rw but it reads every dvd-r I've thrown at it. my sisters phillips drive won't read 80 percent of my discs. I still haven't figured out what dvd-r brand to get for her xbox. I hear the philips only reads dvd+r if so that sucks

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