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Show off your modded xbox! /controllers


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I have a thompson and mine just plain crap. Example - thrown in a brand new disc today, completely - brand new, literally took the wrapper off and into the tray, It didnt work, reading errors... It also did exactly the same behaviour several months after I bought the unit brand new with another brand new disc.


No wonder why I leech warez, thanks M$!!!.

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I have an older Thomson and it still works just fine... BUT since I have a 250 GB HDD it rarely gets any use since I run all my games/software off the HDD. I use it to rip games from time to time, but never for actually playing a game.


dude I got a thompson and I don't know what people are complaining about. sure it only reads cd-rw but it reads every dvd-r I've thrown at it. my sisters phillips drive won't read 80 percent of my discs. I still haven't figured out what dvd-r brand to get for her xbox. I hear the philips only reads dvd+r if so that sucks


I've worked on some friends XBoxs that had Philips drives and haven't had any issues getting them to read DVD-R. I was using Ritek DVD-Rs at the time. I've since switched to Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs, but haven't had the opportunity to try them on a Phillips drive yet.

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is that a real crystal case or one of those 20 dollar after market ones? all those mold circles looks pretty crappy

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you'd figure they woulda reworked the mold so the circles were less noticable. anyways I like the special edition white xbox better. clear electronics always remind me of the early 90's when everyone had a swatch watch. lol

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