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What did you play most recently?


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I finished Earthbound (SNES), yesterday, while the sun was still out.


It was a very gratifying experience, I wish the game would had kept track of how long I played, I would guess that I clocked in about 70 hours or more.


The only beef I have with this game, is that, the "Goods" capacity is too small, I scoured dungeons and came across countless items I couldn't hold, because I had too many items. Even taking it further, all of the items I had in "Goods" were mandatory key items, even with the help of three other characters, I still did not have enough space, anywho. I do understand that Escargo Express existed, but it helped only a little.


I finished the game with these stats.


Ness - Lvl 99

Paula - Lvl 86

Jeff - Lvl 86

Poo - Lvl 79

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I've been playing Fallout 3 all day.


You too huh? I can't seem to stop playing this. It may have it's flaws (Minor and most annoyances to fans of the series) but it has WAY too many Pros over cons.

I finished the main quest pretty quick, playing the "Good guy", so I HAD to go back and be as f**king evil as I possibly can.

I have such low Karma, I have a rating that I can't even find listed on the internet anywhere. I've done literally ONE good thing so far, and I negated it right after (Killing Allistair Tenpenny BEFORE I let the ghouls into Tenpenny Tower to ravage the place). I blew up Megaton.......and more.

I love how 3 Dog talks about you on the radio like you are the scum of the earth, makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy inside while I'm putting sniper rounds in Raider/Super Mutant heads.


I think when I get into the Citadel, I'm going to set a personal bad karma goal. Kill EVERY BoS character I can.


Edit: Actually here we go - http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Karma I'm actually not evil enough yet, I'm only level 14.

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