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What did you play most recently?


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Been playing FFV (GBA), man I wish there were more FF games with this type of job system.

I would agree, though I'll also point at that the majority of the jobs available are either useless or strictly inferior to the others. I remember playing through it, and as I reached the end, I got fed up with all the jobs I was getting that just weren't worth using.


Although some jobs are utter trash (GeoMancer), I have fun grinding them and testing out different ability sets, you don't really need to tackle a job unless you really want to :P.

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Nice! Whom did you use to beat Azazel? What was the ending like? :P

Bruce. His hop kick launcher comes out fast enough to beat out most of Azazel's moves... so just whored out his juggles.


There was no ending though... there were credits and a Time Attack ranking but that's all. Figure the CGI will come with the PS3 port.

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the civilization revolution demo on live.

pretty good. I went ahead and procured the full version. hopefully I can start on it tomorrow.

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Got out my PS2 again thanks to that Free MC Boot thing and decided to catch up on a lot of stuff I've been neglecting... shelving my 360 until Alone in the Dark comes out. I plan on playing (in no particular order)...



Disgaea 1

Fatal Frame 1

Guilty Gear XX ^Core+

Namco X Capcom (English Hack v2)

Persona 3 FES

Silent Hill Origins

Soul Nomad

Warriors Orochi


...and I'll be picking up Sengoku Basara X on the 26th. The SW series has got me familiar with the characters so I figure why not try it out. Might try Arcana Heart too if I feel masochistic.


...and all this alongside replaying MGS2 and MGS3 again. If I get really tired of things I might even try finishing the original Metal Gears on the Persistence disc...

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Fatal Frame = win, but slightly less so than 2 and 3.


Just beat an extremely annoying boss in Shadow Hearts: From the New World that caused me to put the game on hiatus for a very long time. Also, got a new 32" widescreen TV, and ordered a chipped slim PS2. You can guess how giddy I am.

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