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Dimebag Darrell/Patrick Lachman shot


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For anyone whose confused, this happend in Columbus, where I currently reside. Honestly..I didn't think it was that big a deal. So some yahoo pulls a Puff Daddy at a concert. And the guitarist was killed along with a few others. Sure, its flocked up but.....you know what? Sh** happens..and life goes on lol. :P

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its amazing what obsessed fans would do. thats what the news referred him as...a fan. i ono if he was, but man, concerts are gettin dangerous nowadays. i think this year, we have this killing, the tear gas at the R. kelly and jay-z concert, we have that one concery in new jerset or somewhere in the east coast where they had pyro inside the club, burned the place down and a gripful of people died. lets not get started on the last woodstock with the tremendous heat, 20 dollar water bottles and rapes and stuff.......crazy people... :P

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Yeah well atleast it was not the singer, even though he was important without the singer the band just doesn't sound exactly the same.

Dimebag made pantera. with out him and how popular he got to be among the guitar playing population (he was on alot of magazine covers and had multiple articles about his playing style) Pantara wouldn't have gotten as far as they did. now as for the band he was in during the shooting, I dunno I never heard of them.


now as for safe concents. other then Pit injuries I have never seen anything out of the ordinary. and I have been to concerts filled with people the average person would cross the street to avoid (not talking about wanna be gang bangers here) now tomarrow I am going to a concert with zero chance of violence. Brian Setzer!

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