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Dimebag Darrell/Patrick Lachman shot


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or don't have time to cover them all

Not nearly enough time to cover them all. Most of American news tends to cover actors/musicians and other celebrities.


This is a very sad day indeed. I wish the shooter was still alive, so I could find out why he'd want to kill someone whose only goal in life was to have fun. And then, of course, torture and kill the bastard myself for shooting such an awesome guitarist. This has been going through my head all day, and it pisses me off.

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I was a big Pantera fan in `99. I got their last album. Maybe I should buy the rest. Fscking loved their work.

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Well, I'm mainly shocked when I imagine this situation. Just think about it - you're on a concert in the crowd, and all out of nothing there's this guy jumping on the stage and shooting the band and some other guys beside you in the crowd. This is just scary...


Vinnie Paul is the only member of the band who is kinda unharmed. Of course he has a shock, but it will be a really hard time for him realizing what happened out there.

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yeah this was all over the news here really late last night. (I had insomnia MSNBC usually helps with that lol) I used to kinda like pantara and dimebag back in the day when I was a young-stupid-not-nice-to-everyone teenager. I learned alot of pantara guitar licks back then.

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I say it was a personal vendetta...

What do you mean by that random? Were they touring near you?

No, wasn't Flynt, Michigan the place where the Columbine shootings happened?


No, Columbine took place in Littleton, Colorado. Michael Moore is from Flint, Michigan and that's where a different shooting took place, the one with the really young kids.

That's right - I knew it was mentioned in Bowling for Columbine sometime.

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