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Who's better? Capcom or SNK?

Who makes there games better? Capcom, or SNK?  

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Sony means Square soft meaning Square enix


Sony doesn't really make games they sponsor ppl to do it I thought.


Prolly only game I remember made by sony was Legend of Dragoon


Well I was speaking Fighting game wised

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what happened to the sfex series?? any news on the 4th one? and i think capcom makes better games but sf compares to kof , kof is better

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SNK Had samurai shodown RPG and KOF KYO as their Rpgs


they're pretty good but Capcom wins hands down cause of devil may cry and RE.


For fighting games SNK Has produced more games than Gapcom but I prefer SFA and MVSC over kof

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well Street FIghter has a more believable storyline than KOF. I kinda like that better though I like KOf and Garou a lot.


It depends on what ur looking for: storyline, graphics, playability


I can play SF games over and over again :(

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