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    Yes, but I didn't start to include it yet (I have looked into voice-codecs a little, LPC10 or ADPCM should be fast enough maybe) I had to much to work in the last weeks - no time to program <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it would be really awsome to have as an implention ( and then you would win the wifi game competition as well ) are you using UDP or TCP as the protocol for Blubb by the way?
  2. Hmm, a http downloader eh? Ive never heard of that one x_x; do you have a link?
  3. D-loader


    ROFL! Most people think his project is fake anyway, thats what Ive heard
  4. Wow! this one roX Edit: Can you check if www.live365.com stations can be supported?
  5. It means the next version will be 2.0, yes
  6. Yeah but it doesn't display them as a web browser would. It's more of a HTML editor instead of a viewer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know However, its still the best "ds-browser" so far .. I wonder if he'll look into it, and add wifi-support?
  7. This is nothing but a layout.. I'ts not even usefull in this state
  8. I think people will wait for the Ram extention to come out first, before making a browser.. it would make it more smooth I suppose DsOrganize can read .html files though
  9. Yeah, followed closely by "higher volume" .. I think it has something to do with the soundchannels.. its only using 2 as for now, right?
  10. it have been playing for.. hmm.. 15 minutes now? no problems so far I must say, we're really seeing some -very- interesting apps for the DS lately, yours being in the top league too .. msnds, internet-radio.. all sorts of good apps Please keep working on this, its so awesome, and I'd like to see it become even better
  11. You've noticed its a wifi -game- compo, haven't you?
  12. overall, its the best to place your NDS IP in the DMZ, considering almost every online homebrewgame needs you to fast foward diffrent ports And yeah, this is one kewl game ( even though Ive tried the lobby a bit before it was released )
  13. analogman, check out qwerty's Blubb game.. it has a wonderfull chatoption, and a lobby version is gonna be out in a few days ( hopefully )
  14. eeep, please update with the newly released lib
  15. I'm having troubles with my internet at the moment.. sorta unstable, my ISP is working on that ( cable problems, don't ask ), but I will be able to help you testing it, during the weekend
  16. well, you have a point and its gonna be freaking awesome to have that lobbychat too
  17. It would be sooo awsome, if you could make a standalone APP with your ChatClient in Blubb.. it couldn't be better, fast and smooth (( PS: your game is so far the best homebrew-game online ))
  18. yeah, its gonna be soooow awsome, when the next lib is released
  19. Hey, Ive tried your game, and I must say.. it roxxx Haven't tried the online feature, but I'm sure its nice too keep up teh good work!
  20. give it some time, I'm pretty sure the meister is working on it
  21. well, fact is it doesn't.. it does change eventually.. and Ive seen a few 0% accesspoints on mine before too.. its all about moving away from the AP, and give it a few seconds to update the speed.. yeah
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