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  1. I followed the guide perfectly with the newest version of dspad and ds2key. I have port 8888 forwarded to my pc. I set up the ds to use port 9501 for both and I set the server ip correctly. When I click the pad num 1 my ds freezes and the ds2key command prompt does not show any text. I am running on a NDSv1 and with an m3sd
  2. if the test now supports wep why don't ds2win and ds2key support wep yet? will i be able to get my ds to conect my laptop's wifi card as a way to the internet instead of the router? incase wep never gets updated on these things.
  3. hmmm it doesnt work for me.. then again inever got the origonal to work. im using gbamp with passkeyver1 i connect and everything i even enterd all 4 of my wep codes... but when i go into udp test it does nothing to my computer. The ds sais its connected though
  4. i cant get any of these new wifi programs to work for my ds. i wish i knew what was wrong..... i turn on the server program... i connect the ds to our network..... i give it its own ip address and then tell it what mine is. can someone please tell me what im doing wrong?
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