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  1. Since the last version was made before the wifi lib was fully integrated into libnds, it works a little differently. You should just remove the -ldswifi7 part altogether and -lnds7 will suffice. You'll get undefined errors for some of the wifi stuff, but go by the arm7.c template in the examples (get rid of the old one and just use the template.c and rename it to arm7.c and use that should work fine). You'll also need to remove the -ldswifi9 in the arm9 makefile. However, that comes with many undefined references too, you probably need to include something else or the function names have just changed. I assume the unofficial Win2DS version 0.6 that someone posted has done all this, so get that one. edit: Oh it doesn't have source, but maybe he'll chime in, at least from what I've said you should be able to figure it out. edit2: It occured to me that the template might not have the wifi stuff built in, but you should be able to find an example that does and take it from that.
  2. Unless I'm missing something, this is fairly simple. My Win2DS code is posted in its forum, the DS is a client and the server runs on Windows, but the code is fairly abstrated, although in C++. Shouldn't be hard to get the basic parts of the server code, since it uses berkley sockets (although there is some WinSock crap in there), which are standard between platforms.
  3. Here is the source for Win2DS, both server and nds. It is lightly commented, so unexperienced coders need not apply. It is apparent I won't be doing anything more on this project, so I'm giving the source out to the public for the sake of learning and stuff. http://win2ds.1emu.net/Win2DS-Source.zip Enjoy.
  4. My program doesn't have a loading progress bar! Sounds like a problem with the M3.
  5. FireFlyII: The zoomed view should make the mouse go where it is shown on the zoomed view (not in the middle of the desktop like you said). I took a quick look at the code and didn't see anything wrong, so I suppose it it a bug, I'm not sure why. Dunno why the keyboard doesn't work, I suppose it is the way Windows and some programs handle keystrokes. New version that is fixed for the M3 is up! edit- Changed the keyboard too, try it now.
  6. Wow, never heard of some of those problems before. I hope you know you can change the speed of the screen updates in the menu by pressing start (really just sounds like you have a bad connection though). Other than that, custom mouse cursors are known to be about 10 pixels off, but no one's ever told me about it being way off.
  7. Yeah it's supposed to me a game competition, only apps considered if there aren't enough entries. I'd personally like to see more WiFi games. Count me in as a lukewarm 'maybe.' They need to post the full rules/details though!
  8. You shouldn't need to forward any ports unless you are trying to use it over the internet. Some people say it runs slow, and I don't know what to tell you, I can get it to update at almost 10 fps on the highest speed (although I'm sitting right next to the computer). You may have a firewall or something causing problems, it still sounds like your connection is shaky. No way to save settings! If you use WFC data, the server IP is the only thing you should need to re-enter, barring custom keys maybe.
  9. You are correct in that there is nowhere to put WEP settings in my program. The manual connection settings are really only still there because I put them in previous version and as such as such decided there was no reason to take them out, just in case anyone still wanted to use them. However, previous versions didn't have WEP, so there in no place to put that in. What you should really do is put in your WFC settings using an online-enabled Nintendo game, and enter your WEP settings there. You can also put most things on Auto, as there is really no reason to manually enter all the information any more. Then you can just choose 'Auto Connect' and everything will automatically connect with ease.
  10. If you are talking about the screenshots, they can get corrupted if you have a poor connection. Other than that, I dunno. Don't really have a specific one in mind, but I do have some other projects I am thinking about. Maybe not one for the DS, but maybe so. Thanks for the positive replies, usually when I click on these release threads I gets scared someone is gonna tell me I screwed something up
  11. Well here is possibly the last version of Win2DS. Finally has the the new WiFi features (WEP and DHCP all that), so you won't need to have all your WFC data fully filled out, or manually connect each time, or turn off WEP to keep the government from stealing your packets. There was a bit of a delay because I tried to add TCP support, but it is a pain in my ass and slow anyway. I will give this release a little time for bug reports and such, then I will probably release the source, because I think I'm done with this project. Enjoy! Win2DS v0.5a Changelog: --------- v0.5a: -Fixed screen corruption on M3. -Tweaked the way the keyboard works for hopefully more compatibility. v0.5: -Complete overhaul of the GUI. Now makes full use of the touchscreen and has a Windows-like interface. -Uses the new WiFi 0.3 lib. WEP, DHCP, automatic settings, and all that fun stuff should work now. -Added GamePad Mode. -Maybe some other stuff I don't know it's been a while! http://win2ds.1emulation.com/
  12. Also, I moved and I don't have wireless yet, so that will make things difficult. I gotta figure that out, too.
  13. Yeah, I'll add DHCP and WEP and use TCP instead (hopefully will then work fine over the net), and I'll probably release the source because I'm done! Gimme a week or so, I'm lazy ok.
  14. Yeah, I haven't had much too add, been waiting on TCP. I did an overhaul of the GUI, but even that was done a while ago, was hoping to get it out with TCP. Maybe it won't continue after that, because I don't really have any more plans for it.
  15. Now you know why it says to read that first!
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