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  1. http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/...e.cds?id=113063 I hope the last post there isn't true
  2. I've read on mortalkombatonline.com that they actually lost everything due to a hdd crash .
  3. There is a way to run avi files on fw 1.50 , the homebew is called PSPlayer MT . But , good news for slim users too, the official 4.xx firmware will natively support divx .
  4. MK4 broke anything good untill then , the animations , jumps , blood , combo system ..everything .. And moreover added new crappy characters , i say extremely BAD game
  5. Can anyone explain what's the big hype about wrestling since everyone knows they're faking it and the matches are fixed ? Is it the acrobatic jumps on and off the ring ? The big scary guys and nasty bitches ? Pff..i say over-rated a million times .. Someone please prove me wrong..
  6. I figured it out , i have a program which blocks pron & stuff ,looks like it has an issue with these"innocent" pictures Yay, premium member ,what do i get ?
  7. Is anyone else seeing a lot of "IPB Image" logo's instead of boobies ?
  8. I expected to see a MK Trilogy HD remake on Xbox Live and PS Network , if they wanted to copy Capcom over something..but not this ...They're taking a great risk , this game could be a fiasco and there might not be any other mk game after . Actually , some say it's dead already and they're desperate to try anything while there's still money to squeeze out of Scorpion and Sub Zero ..
  9. I voted for UMK3 although Soul Calibur 1 is a great candidate too . How do you measure a game popularity ? I'd say by the number of fan sites and user videos . So, i assume MK is best at this point .. What are the games at Evo2k this year ?
  10. There's a way now to play backups using a special kind of memory card . The Memor 32 has a buil in USB port and you cand transfer saves to and from the PC , among others . Also, you can install a software called Memento that runs backups without any modification .
  11. Wtf, they have nothing to do with the series , i'm outraged !! Is Star Wars really that popular because i really think it sucks . But i guess they paid big money to get their lousy character in the game Too bad the Dreamcast legacy is trashed .
  12. I'd like to see a " Not another apocalypse movie " where they mock evey alien and moster possible . Will Smith has already been in 2 movies of this kind so he's gotta be in there .. Btw , on topic , this movie is getting way too much attention than it deserves . --------- Why it says RIP near my avatar ? Was i infected by .. the virus ??
  13. 1080i ? What is Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy ? An MK in high definition ?
  14. Well , it is new news ! It's not wroking anymore !! Sorry if the topic is that old but i thought it's logical to post here than make a new thread .
  15. Dcemu is not working anymore . What happened to them ?
  16. Soul Calibur is the best there can be on Dreamcast ! While other games have ups and downs , everything about Soul Calibur is memorable .. How's it going Agozer ?
  17. As a kid I was loving MK1 and 2 in the arcades But greatest wish was to have an MK game for my SNES but they were so damn expensive . Everything Nintendo was twice the price of Sega's . I was even ready to sell my gamepads just to see MK3 running in my room . That obsessed i was about this game. But ,unfortunately my console got stolen soon after and i quit consoles for a long time . I was extatic to rediscover those childhood games trough emulators . First rom ? Guess ! Then i played Soul Calibur on Chankast ,another turning point in my gaming . After buying a PS2 i really didn't enjoy MK games anymore . Deadly Alliance looks interesting because of the characters and as a nice 3D version . Following games, don't even care about those .
  18. If you missed the penalties you must watch them now : PART 1 PART 2 This is what happens when two latin teams play I'm looking forward to Mexico vs Argentina, it will be a game just as great .
  19. That is a very UGLY logo, ugh .. Is there a Soul Calibur for PSP, or one in the works ?
  20. If he ever comes back i suggest singing with Marilyn Manson,he's a much better match . Both weirdos...Oh, and the bald Britney can join them too . So the song would sound like "Hit me baby hi-hi mother f*ckers" .But wait most songs these days DO sound like that .So they would be succesful !
  21. What's the catch with the cat ? What am i supposed to see ?
  22. A question for anyone that use this version.. I noticed there's an option there to "Create Kaillera Sever" . I wanna do that !! How, has anyone managed ? I think maybe you can make a server on your own ip .
  23. A few questions : 1) How do i transfer my keyboard configurations from mame32 to mame32plus ? I tried moving the .cfg files but no luck. 3) The image enhancements HQ2X, 2 x Sai etc.. do they run on the cpu or the gpu ? Can i make them use the gpu ? 2) Anyone Uses Mame32 PlusPlus ? It's a version that's optimised for Kaillera . I even see there in the options Start Kaillera Server .. Can i realy make a server by using this ? 4) PSX Plugins in Mame ? Huh ? What are those doing here ? Peops video and sound plugins..
  24. i loved everything untill UKM3 .My only dissapointment is Kano and Sonya were not in MK2 >It really would have been perfect then. Deadly Alliance seems ok,having all those classic characters i love,Deception ..i love the puzzles there ..and Armageddon ..from what i've seen is no big deal .The air combos are yucky and screw up the game ..I hope you can turn them of somehow ..Not that i'll be playing very much .
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