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  1. http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/...e.cds?id=113063 I hope the last post there isn't true
  2. I've read on mortalkombatonline.com that they actually lost everything due to a hdd crash .
  3. There is a way to run avi files on fw 1.50 , the homebew is called PSPlayer MT . But , good news for slim users too, the official 4.xx firmware will natively support divx .
  4. MK4 broke anything good untill then , the animations , jumps , blood , combo system ..everything .. And moreover added new crappy characters , i say extremely BAD game
  5. Can anyone explain what's the big hype about wrestling since everyone knows they're faking it and the matches are fixed ? Is it the acrobatic jumps on and off the ring ? The big scary guys and nasty bitches ? Pff..i say over-rated a million times .. Someone please prove me wrong..
  6. I figured it out , i have a program which blocks pron & stuff ,looks like it has an issue with these"innocent" pictures Yay, premium member ,what do i get ?
  7. Is anyone else seeing a lot of "IPB Image" logo's instead of boobies ?
  8. I expected to see a MK Trilogy HD remake on Xbox Live and PS Network , if they wanted to copy Capcom over something..but not this ...They're taking a great risk , this game could be a fiasco and there might not be any other mk game after . Actually , some say it's dead already and they're desperate to try anything while there's still money to squeeze out of Scorpion and Sub Zero ..
  9. I voted for UMK3 although Soul Calibur 1 is a great candidate too . How do you measure a game popularity ? I'd say by the number of fan sites and user videos . So, i assume MK is best at this point .. What are the games at Evo2k this year ?
  10. There's a way now to play backups using a special kind of memory card . The Memor 32 has a buil in USB port and you cand transfer saves to and from the PC , among others . Also, you can install a software called Memento that runs backups without any modification .
  11. Wtf, they have nothing to do with the series , i'm outraged !! Is Star Wars really that popular because i really think it sucks . But i guess they paid big money to get their lousy character in the game Too bad the Dreamcast legacy is trashed .
  12. I'd like to see a " Not another apocalypse movie " where they mock evey alien and moster possible . Will Smith has already been in 2 movies of this kind so he's gotta be in there .. Btw , on topic , this movie is getting way too much attention than it deserves . --------- Why it says RIP near my avatar ? Was i infected by .. the virus ??
  13. 1080i ? What is Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy ? An MK in high definition ?
  14. Well , it is new news ! It's not wroking anymore !! Sorry if the topic is that old but i thought it's logical to post here than make a new thread .
  15. Dcemu is not working anymore . What happened to them ?
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