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  1. Lol no, I am not dead , all I can say is school, school and still school (day and evening ). As for the projects, I haven t any good news, the site is not ready yet (and I am not the one responsible of the site), I don t really know if it will be on 1emulation in the end (we didn t end the discussion over new roms in fba and xbe, I don t wanna ruin this site). All I did, was that KIxxx optimizition (not using gpu for the moment cause of a bug when using texture for RAM), on fbaxxx -> I've set a true PAL50, do not know what else need to be done (I would like to add 720P support, but I can t test and I need to see if I can see any sources somewhere (latest version of scummvmm has 720P support apparently)). And the latest thing is the universal remote project on PSP, so far I have a program that can use philips RC5/RC6 and sony SIRC signal.
  2. Damn, I must be out of luck then . I can t dance, at least not in disco club (but do you really call that dancing , it is more like shaking the body as if you had bugs overall on the body ). I am just a little more calm than other ppl of the same age (I am 22), I dont go to disco club, all I do now is visit my friend, he opened a chinese restaurant so I stay there on saturday . I don t like to drink either, I am driving and it gives me some pain in the heart (my heart use to beat a little bit to slow, so I ll probably live a long time ).
  3. I think I must admit I am the shy type . But hey you know, some girls love that .
  4. could you try *removed* to see if you have any difference? I changed the way PAL 50 is running in 60fps with a preprogrammed function, maybe that s your problem .
  5. 50HZ of 60Hz? see in debug mode -> if the framerate in the game goes from 58 to 62fps it is 50Hz and that is corrected. for the adpcm option it is disabled when playing neogeo game that s why you can t hear the difference (at least in ng mode).
  6. Well, I am now working a little on fba, I want to get rid of this bug, so what are your audio settings, are you sure your problem isn t that you play in 50Hz and that it is now at fullspeed (I need more precision for the fix BTW)?
  7. the best will be the next one, when youre going to have some effects in shader mode , you ll have the same perf as simple1x with filters . But for now, I try to finish surreal 4.9 of 5 for the new site launch .
  8. Here is the only place I ve read this problem, I can t tell, I haven t seen this, BTW I hope to get the new site ready soon, so I can correct this .
  9. I think it is only useful for those who uses sdl or other things, fbaxxx, kixxx and many other homebrews uses MS SDK and it is already been optimised with all the functions (RAM and audio/video acceleration). EDIT : I have been a little working with a "pro" dev in D3d for KI2, we did some profiling and he did a full hardware rendering (with shaders), no gain (maybe 0.5FPS) and the profiling can t tell us anything (I didn t get it to run properly that time, I maybe could just try a second time).
  10. Simply like any other connection, you must just have two differents ip adress. If you have a problem to do a connection, it has maybe something to do with your cable.
  11. It is dead right now, we ll move the entire site and change name (team xxx isn t that good actually), I try to finish surreal beta 5 for the re opening . And after that, I can begin dev on psp (got my PSP 1.5 today ).
  12. As I said, go in d_neogeo.cpp , BrunDrvkof2k3 and change "kof2003" by NULL.
  13. Effectively, that s not faire from xbox-scene to remove your name . As for fbapro, if +T+ want the codefix from 02/08 (I didn t update sources) : in vmm.cpp, in pageandframetables : there is a (uint8 i=0;i<nombreframes;i++) , for 128Mb users, nombreframes = 256 so with 8 bits i can t make it to 256, you must simply change it to uint16. for kof2k3, just remove parents (but I am pretty sure you ll keep kof2003.zip so there will not be any freeze), just if you want to make it work with vmm, use npcm2fix in the init and the load inispritepaging with a pagesize of 384*1024 instead of 256*1024
  14. normally one year warranty, by the way, you can go with softmod .
  15. I think it is only the mechanism, it makes the xbox think your drive is close while it is open, simply close it by hand (be careful not to break the mechanism though ).
  16. 32Mb memory + low transfert (10Mb/sec), dont expect to play rom bigger than 64Mb uncompressed + it will need 32-64Mb for VMM.
  17. - Merged in some very nice code improvements from the latest FBA-XXX. (excellent work Gogo ) lol, thx, I know that Manto rewrote the menu too in his version, I am pretty sure it is even better .
  18. fbaxxx uses d:\ini folder for inis where fbaxxx pro uses t:\ (e:\tdata\FFFF0504)
  19. I ll test that. EDIT : do you play in 50Hz mode?
  20. it is not really what mantot did, he told me what I could do, the only thing to do is to edit the project and change the stacksize from 128K to 512K (0x20000 to 0x80000), I didn t know the stack size could be changed here.
  21. euh, it doesn t seem to be dynamic as I tried to dynamically allow it with nsegmentend and it was refused . As for the rest : 1) the alternate version is alternate moves version posted by ferchogtx (simply patch 0x6000 and 0x1000 in place of 0x7000 and 0x1000) 2) I took the code and the update where you did say me to bring them, I did nt see any other updates .
  22. I know, I was a bit lazy on this fix, but there isn t sound skipping, nsegment end never went over 1000 so I think 44100*2 isn t useful, and I setted to 2000*2 in case of . If ppl complain about a bug, I ll change the code .
  23. Lol, just tell me why you don t want to release neogeo sources, I don t understand, I need no really conditions, actually like I said, I am for open source so I think I ll release the sources anyway . Thraxen -> I am like this, I just enjoy with other devs, but I hope like you that we can work together , that stupid xbox scene thread made me a little mad that s all . I just don t understand why you made this project closed source, at least ppl could help you with neogeo drivers (as with your neospriterom problem). EDIT : sources
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