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  1. 2 ways of doing that : 1) edit the sources, edit ui_logo.cpp, you can find it in the function : void ui_logo::DrawLogo2(bool GameInfo) 2) disable all the menus, you will have only one menu likke the original fbax.
  2. edit fbaxxx.ini which is in the ini folder and change ncurrentvideomode to 1 (480p) or 2 (720p)
  3. There is already a launch command support, just put the xbe in a new rep and your settings will be saved in the ini folder (except some settings).
  4. That makes me remember the old time when I was searching NES/SNES/Genesis emus, retrogames was my first best site (and even my home page for years). What happened to consolemul is sad too, even if consolemul was dead since a long time before the webmaster died (in a hit and run I think) . I wanna thank all these webmasters in my name and in the name of all the emu beginners (you too gamecop ).
  5. Well if my theory is correct, i would say that most of the work is already done, you would simply have to import the cpus from (for example) the "others" section of fbaxxx or whatever - or just the CAVE set and compile accordingly. Did you even take a look at the source to see the possibilities? Yes, I did -> mame sources, and yes you can import other things (many arcade machines uses A6800 and Z80), I am just totally not interested by the PSP (not interested at all in many things now). As for an fbaxxx update that would add support, why not, IQ has done apparently a great job with a new rumble function that would work on metal slug, I have corrected some things on the HDTV selector since I now have an HDTV, maybe time for a release this week, I ll see.
  6. I ve already tried to code on PSP (you can find the philips RC6 or RC5 remote controller on my site (if it still exists)), but the way you re supposed to code on psp (with unofficial tools) is just a pain in the ass, cygwin etc... no way for me.
  7. Coin and start button are configurable, go to the ingame menu (full ingame menu) - controller menu - special map I think.
  8. That s normal, you must use memory cards for neogeo, highscores were not saved in arcade machine because they were always turned on . So, use memory card function for neogeo games at least, but I think there is a bug with it, can't tell because I don't use this function.
  9. I guess fbaxxx pro only use the ini of t:\ which is e:\tdata\... I don't remember .
  10. I really like the new interface, especially the new banner. 2 Thumbs up for the one who did it .
  11. I don't understand what you mean, as for pim and samsho5, I see no reason for them to be crashing, I ll take a look. BTW, I am working in NTSC not in PAL.
  12. What's new/fixed? - added HDTV support + 720x480 in pal60 and ntsc or 720x576 in PAL50 - added informations (offset and scale) in adjust screen section (I ve seen it was requested) - added simple4x filter (only useful in 720p I guess) - fixed gamma options, it was randomly crashing
  13. I just would have liked not to have a resize while entering minimenu, but if I don't do it, the controller menu is messed up, if you have a solution, you're welcome .
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