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  1. I really don t care about NG drivers but I don t see any reason to not release the sources.
  2. there are 2 another ways : 1) find it by yourself (I wouldnt say like manto it is a hard fix) 2) I am not for closed source, so you know what to do As for neospriterom, I don t know the code you need on it, but you can maybe add it in descramble graphics.
  3. look at -> static void cthd2003_neogeo_gfx_address_fix_do(int start, int bit3shift, int bit2shift, int bit1shift, int bit0shift)
  4. it is just asm68 - c68k from mame, this option is already in fbaxxx, the boost come from somewhere else.
  5. exactly what I think, BTW Jan will be violating license from Dave (FinalBurn) , BTW just to note 2 things : - I didn t test manto s version but is progear really faster than in fbaxxx, I doubt of it - There is already a choose menu for A68K cpu in fbaxxx , the only new in this version is some supported games (striker 1945,tengai, kof10th) and maybe a new controller menu (as I said, I didn t test it) I dont see why it is an "ultimate" version.
  6. Well I put together the incomplete set that you showed and tried to run it. But the emu didn't crash. It shows the screen you posted with the missing ROMs for about 5 or 6 seconds then displays the 'There was an error starting...' dialogue at which point you can press Back or B to return to the menu. Which is what it's supposed to do. If there is a bug I'd like to fix it but it's kind of hard if I can't re-create it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> if you talk about zip crash, you mus run a game before and then load an icomplete set for the emu to crash, that s what I did . As for VMM menu I removed this option in 6/3 version too as the new optimisition doesn t need it .
  7. In fact I am waiting for your sources to correct cps things , then I ll release mine .
  8. wow, there are so many bugs, I didn t know, that s some bugs I will not have to search, great work .
  9. I have read in xdk help that for files from 1Mb, it is better to use virtualalloc in place of malloc, so I don t see where s the optimisation, but I ll try, I don t know. As for Artik, he tried to send me it but couldnt , but I tried to add you on my contact list on msn and got no reply since 2 weeks .
  10. what s so different in your vmm, as far as I know, all you did is use old vmm from lantus (fread, fopen and fseek in place of createfile, setfilepointer and readfile), I maybe missed something, and if you say it, where is that damn code affecting sound? as for SMA games, I tried garou.zip and I have no problems with it.
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