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Everything posted by mad37man

  1. of course there is..... its the internet
  2. 64x64 should work...im pretty sure it does
  3. haha i would have to agree with the special effects but it was still great
  4. try a new tekken rom maybe , that rom might not be good.
  5. haha i was hoping for a fighting game too,
  6. Ha that sounds cool i think ill try them out.
  7. actually i think its the "fix" folder, but maybe im wrong.
  8. If it takes microsoft too long for halo3 i will ban them without resent.
  9. Golf should be banned because have thought about putting a golf ball cleaner and a stupid guy together? hint : no more man
  10. I would get the 3800 and get a memory upgrade ( to 1 gig )with a dual monitor switch and it would be a pretty good deal probably. Also you could maybe try building your own computer out of scratch...if you look at directions and you know what a computer does it shouldnt be that hard.
  11. That is a pretty cool background, but why no homeade ones,, those are the coolest.
  12. haha that would be a picture did not need to see *shuddering*
  13. if they made a fighting joystick game.. i would be happy
  14. one url...... www.ebay.com that should say it all
  15. yeah i bet he was talking about hounded
  16. spear of destiny sucked so i dont know what your talking about....
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