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  1. hahah i neva thought of that one.... its almost like a shock to da system
  2. 204? haha 2003 was my year im up too about 15 gig worth of mp3s now
  3. agreed...sooo many memorys an so much cash spend lol......
  4. i remember many moons ago playin a game on da c64... u'd bet on dogs, own then an stuff.... but 4 the life of me a cant remember wat its called...any ideas?
  5. If that was the case, there were xbox topics all over the future emulation forum. well u can just look at xbox-scene.com.....then tell me it hasnt come alongway, the fact that there no xbox post in the future emulation board is anyones guess but to say that gettin it own space wont encourage posting , just my opinion
  6. u could always blackmale him.... hook up wif his daughter/wife....always have ur trusty video camera hidden some where ...... give me da machine or she goes on da net lol..... sorry but my mind state is f**ked
  7. yeh same...... drink up yall..... but wat eva u have left remember sharing is careing so left ovas give it too me
  8. wif all the top end video cards an hardware comming out wat has happen to playability?... no doubt im gonna get flamed here(ok theres a "few" good games).... but ok wif all then games comming out an there "stunning graphics" things seem to b lackin...is it just me? maybe i just gettin old but give me old skool games anyday...opinions? (i can take the abuse )
  9. a streetfighter game wif a keyboard?..... wtf sounds like that could b a problem.... i guess that would b the first game on my list,
  10. so wats the capatability like wif those games an the emulator?
  11. as a guy at my work says (in a really bad asian acent) "I cant beleave" on the day i decided to get back into da scene my dreamcast dies..... must of had a serge...board is fried... maybe its a sign lol
  12. i sort of agree..xbox has come along way an havin its own individual "room", its gettin pretty big.. prob intitled to its own space
  13. quick question...u guys would know... how many members joined here nowadays?
  14. i no wif all tha emu updates i see goin round it looks like things have gotten alot bigger... damnnn its like startin all ova again...... not a bad thin thou... now i can ask stupid newbie questions an every1 can get a craps wif me anyways i got a lot of readin to catch up on....
  15. very weird...... have u try updating ur ie an maybe used like gozilla or getright
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