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  1. Im sure some folk in the hub will be sharing it. No need to go anywhere else.
  2. Again,thats rubbish. Many play Rpgs,puzzlers,platformers... Umm the egyptians were real,what are you talking about? The pyramids didnt build themseves.
  3. http://senile.mine.nu/beatsofrage/download_game.php
  4. BS. We wouldnt have 7 female ops involved in the Hubs if that were the case. Cant stand FPS though,bar Deus Ex.
  5. Watch out, he might turn you gay. How could a effeminate man turn me into a lesbian?
  6. XBox version is not available from the "official" site.
  7. Panzer Draggon Orta is GODLIKE!! Helps give the Xbucket some some cred.
  8. Oh for fooks sake.. Im in my mid 20's... Im Female and i live in the ireland and sometimes the Uk aswell. I mentioned all this in the "Hi im new thread". Hence the reason for my vagueness.
  9. The links are either always congested or i get broken downloads when d/l the files..
  10. Age=Less than my post count Sex=Femme Location=Where my Nick originates from There are at least 6 other Females,all OPs too,in the Hubs.
  11. The odds are against it. Ther'e can be only 1. <...
  12. Maybe we can drag in more Arcade at Home members,as that forum has turned to liquidfied shite at the momnt.
  13. I'll stick with my heavy Southern Irish accent,although i have a bit of Northern Irish in there as well.. Aside form that,i love the Scot,French and Eastern European accents.
  14. The reasons pretty obvious if you think about it.
  15. DON'T give out serial numbers in a open forum!
  16. If you're running Expxe,open the CONFIG>VIDEO directory. You can either change you Video Plug ins (Petes are usualy the best) or adjust the settings in the CONFIGURATION menu. Whilst in there you can adjust the Frame rate as well,doing that will slow the game down to a "normal" state. You can grab a few plugins HERE.
  17. Is Novogens Software' sMercenary or its Sequal Damocles playable in WINue?
  18. PSO Version 2 was an amaning experiance online,untill the loner boy hackers came along with their XPloders/Action replay 's and screwed the whole game up for everyone.
  19. One problem may be that certian people are extremely anti (insert videogame company name here) often for completly ridiculous reasons they then hate on everything that 1 company produces. What 1 person thinks is the greatest game ever 10 others may rate it too be utter Poo.
  20. Turn on the Frame limiter,or the equivelient option in whichever Emu you are using. Maybe you need to set another Video Pluggin as well,or update you're Graphic card drivers.
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