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  1. Man it's been dead for a long ass time! I got mostly all the Dreamcast games anyway burned onto CD-R's left and right. I just want to experience my Dreamcast online like I do with my Playstation 2 (usually plays Socom online all the time).
  2. Man the Bleemcast is good, but most of the games just doesn't go on Dreamcast! I mean the controller is different and everything and makes the PSX games really hard to play! I mean the shoulders buttons are missing. I know from personal experience cause' I used the Bleemcast for Tencu and I couldn't enjoy the game cause' of the button being missing.
  3. I think you need the Dreamkey to play it online, but I'm not sure.
  4. Where can I download the Dreamkey from? I had it before but I lost it somewhere.
  5. Ha! That's was really funny! So what did the SegaOP do when he see him disappear? I want to know why the hell was he chasing him in the first place? What was he going to do? Yell at him to death?
  6. Its not confusing to me cause' I burn Dreamcast games all the time. I'm in the process of downloading one right now off of DC++ (direct connect).
  7. Ummm...I think people should never buy crap from Ebay unless you feel really comfortable doing so. The only thing to come to my mind is that you got ripped off my friend! Someone had to sell you a broken Dreamcast.
  8. Whoa! I didn't know you can play Capcom vs SNK 2 online! Well I'm going to look for that game now even though I have it for PS2. Also, I know that Dreamcast has 56k modem installed in it and I was wondering if the game is laggy? Well can someone post a step-by-step instruction on how to set me up? I heard of something I need a dreamkey or something like? And what if I have cable, can I still play Dreamcast online? *knows he's asking too many questions*
  9. Same here, I'm sick and tired of having to change emulators just to play one game.
  10. I'm just being curious, I want to know if you can actually still play Dreamcast games online? I mean is Seganet still up and running like it did in it's prime? Well let me stop bickering. Also, if the Seganet is still up and running, is there any chance that I'll be able to play burned games online?
  11. Damn! I actually thought that it was possible. *waits for someone to close this topic*
  12. Or you can just simply download Shareaza. It's like Kazaa and BitTorrent put together.
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