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  1. That advert is soooo old The Peter Kay adverts are the best on tv at the moment.
  2. I'm not really new,but i dont get online much these days Been around forums such as A@H,GeoShock and the old Emux for about 4 years, rambling on-and-on about nothing in particular and generally being a pain in the arse. 20 -something Irish lass,used to be into Emulation but not so much anymore. Retro- game lover,Buffy/Angel fanatic,Celtic warrior-Goddess!!! Dont let the jumping Rabitte > Fool you,...........im not Yellow
  3. There'e no smoke without fire. Its intresting to note how Jacko dosent have m(any) girls stay around his Mansion.... But we are not dealing with a normal adult here.MJ is a manchild with little expericance of living in the adult world.To him what is acceptable (sharing his bed with little boys) is quite rightly appaling to most over people.I'd personaly would like to rip him to shreds if he is proven unevquivitly,without a shadow of doubt that he is guilty.
  4. bleh People only started snapping up cheap DC'S once they were discontined and the ISO'S made widely available on the net.... If more people BOTHERED to SUPPORT the DC when it was commercialy viable it still would be around at least upto when the XBox arived
  5. SDL dosent emulate the pcm perfectyl,games like Sam Spirts RPG are missing the samples for the special attacks etc.
  6. A great (if bulky in a XBox tpye of way ) console fer sure to be sure You should be able to find good bargains on the game son ebay..as well as *ahem* not so original copys* splutter* doing the rounds. Supersellers of Japan do some good console bundles,but i havent checked on them for ages,mind. Have to love that controller,perfect for fighting games.
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