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  1. I actually liked sonic 3d blast. but that's just me. I never played any of the other 3d games.

    The best 3D game of Sonic was Sonic R -- and it's (basically) a "kart" racer (but most characters run). It also only has five tracks. I'm not saying it's not a very awesome game, because it is. It's one of my favorite video games -- it just pales in comparison to other kart racers in the tracks area. You need a lot of tracks or the game will get boring faster. It does have interesting modes of play (including a tag team game) and characters (Super Sonic, Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, etc.) and emerald collecting. It's more enjoyable and replay-able than Sonic Adventure (and beyond) to me.


    Sounded like a persuasive essay or something.

  2. flasg games suck really :(

    I'm one of the few people on the Internet that I know that hates Flash movies, games, etc. and all those web sites (like Newgrounds). I just can't enjoy them... they feel cheap or dumb or something automatically.

  3. Well, if I include past consoles that I've previously owned and lost/sold/broke/etc., I'd also have...


    - Atari 2600

    - Atari 2600 Jr.

    - Neo-Geo Pocket Color

    - Nintendo 64

    - Sega Game Gear

    - Sega Genesis + CD + 32X

    - Sega Master System

    - Sony PlayStation 2

    - Super Nintendo Entertainment System




    - Nintendo GameBoy (original, red)

    - Nintendo GameBoy Color (yellow)

  4. Joystiq reports that Microsoft is going to cut the Xbox 360's price. This console war is heating up more and more each day. From the original article...


    A process that would not only cut the cost of producing the Xbox 360, but also result in less heat being generated by the console itself. Something that, in light of their recent warranty debacle, Microsoft should be very interested in looking at. Auxiliary benefits aside, we're much more interested in hearing about how this could affect the retail price of the Xbox 360. In a brief comment to Next-Generation, Peter Moore gave a decided non-answer on the subject, stating "We have a bunch of different projects that cost reduce and improve quality as you find issues, as does our competition."


    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher is much more optimistic about a price drop, expecting $50-70 cuts for all Xbox 360 models as soon as this week.

    I'm torn -- I have neither!

  5. Cave story has awesome written all over it. I wish they'd release something like that on the xbl arcade.


    The actual game (Free if I remember) is for PC.


    Btw, this thread shall pwn all if made popular.

    I've yet to try out Cave Story -- it's been recommended to me countless times. When the

    gets finished, I will most certainly give it a try.


    Yes, this thread is going to be awesome. I'll try to keep it in-line if things start running astray. Let the awesomeness/recommending commence!

  6. In this thread, you're going to post obscure video games (like the MAME thread, but all platforms -- including PC) that you recommend to other people that they otherwise, probably, wouldn't know about. PLEASE, KEEP POPULAR GAMES OUT OF THIS TOPIC.


    My personal favorite that I recommend to everyone is Zillion for the Sega Master System.

  7. 1. Sonic 3D Blast -- Lame concept for a game in the 16-bit era... and an even worse game to bring into the 32-bit world. Run around, find 5 birds, bring back to giant ring... repeat until eyes bleed.

    2. Sonic Adventure -- Great game, but not really a "Sonic game" other than the characters, rings, and token island/casino/etc. areas.

    3. Sonic Adventure 2 -- Let's make another one those 3D games and introduce new characters to attempt to see how much more we can milk this dying franchise.

    4. Sonic Advance (series) -- Let's take the original Sonic game concept... throw in a ridiculous amount of characters, screw up the gameplay, and hope people buy it.

    5. Sonic Rush -- Same as above.

    6. Sonic Riders -- Let's make a ridiculously difficult racer and throw in a bunch of random ass characters and hope people buy it again.

    7. Sonic Heroes -- Lost Vikings in 3D with Sonic characters... let's hope people buy it again.


    You see where I'm going with this?

  8. Only reason I play the current games is because Sonic's on the damn box. The new "next-gen" Sonic was a waste of a buy, from now on I'm renting new Sonic releases.

    That's exactly why they keep making Sonic related games, Davis -- because people will buy it because he's on the damn box. Not because it's a REAL Sonic game -- the Sonic games we know... not these atrocities.

  9. Sonic started to go south with the advent of Sonic Adventure. Granted, SA and its sequel are pretty good games, but they're nowhere near the 2D Sonics.


    If I had to pick a 3D Sonic that I like, it would be Sonic Heroes.

    Quoting this for truthiness. I don't mean to say that Sonic Adventure and beyond are absolutely horrible games or anything to that effect... but they ARE desecrating, what we thought was, the untouchable Sonic video game lineage. That's like all the sudden coming out with a 3D Metal Slug that's nothing like the old games (or it completely sucks, whatever)... it would mortify the SNK Playmore world. You know you're a real Sega/Sonic fan if you're offended by the current state of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I know I am (both).

  10. DragonKeeper, they started the trashing with Sonic 3D Blast. It was a horrible game and they even ported it to the Sega Saturn. Our next slap in the face was making Sonic R such a short game (it could've been one of the greatest racers). The final blow before they started hauling everything to the landfill, was scrapping Sonic Xtreme... and it's all downhill from there and its lifeless corpse is beaten to this day.

  11. Show me the real version of Sonic 2.
    B) Erm.. i only have beta and i guess i have alpha version somewhere on my PC, really i don't like old school games so i don't have so much old - school sonic games.Sorry.

    But i will search.

    How are you going to call yourself a Sonic fan and you "don't really like" the 2D aeon of the Sonic world? The modern Sonic is an abomination of his once great self... it's absolutely sickening. The thread was already over when you said that.

  12. Sure, I'll go along with post-whatever-ridiculous-topic-I-can-think-of guy.


    Sega Dreamcast

    Nintendo DS (Onyx Black Lite)

    Nintendo Entertainment System (Original)

    PC (1.9GHz/1GB RAM/128MB VRAM)

    Sega Saturn (Model 2)

    Sony PlayStation (Original)


    I don't think people need pictures of things they've seen 10,000+ times.

  13. Redesign doesn't seem too impressive to me. The only thing that I like is their news highlights bar at the top right. Other than that, it's a pretty generic layout still. Much like any other blogging/portal site.

    Yeah, it's not impressive at all. Redesigns have always seemed like a "we still give a damn about our web site" kind of thing to me (which is great) -- which is why it's cool, though.

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