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  1. Yet, you pay sh*tloads for your precious anime and manga and spend almost all of your time glued to one or the other. Next, you try to learn Japanese so you can read/write/speak it -- mostly, so you can watch anime. After all that's said and done, you try to 1-up your anime buddies and brag about how you can read/write/speak Japanese but all you do is talk about anime and how one day you want to go to Japan so you can... do what? Get more access to Japanese goodies like anime that's not over here in the states? Don't forget about making stupid ASCII faces on IRC and forums. What does this make you? A loser.

  2. I'm nearly 21 and I've been playing games pretty much since I was born. I remember playing old computer card games on 5 1/2" floppies, playing games on the family Sega Master System, and when my dad picked up an Atari 2600 Junior. I still remember every video game console all my friends have ever had, etc., I love gaming. These days I play some PC games, my Nintendo DS, and my Sega Saturn to keep up my gaming. I haven't lost interest... everything comes in "bursts" for me. Sometimes listening to music will be my thing, sometimes partying, sometimes programming, and sometimes playing video games -- and recently it's been playing my Nintendo DS all the time... I don't think I'll ever grow out of it... come on... I mean... they're GAMES -- they're FUN... you're f**king stupid if you don't play.

  3. Uhh... ok... :punk:


    A few things, I guess: First, make sure you did not download the source. Second, if you are sure you downloaded the right stuff, compile it. Third, I'm not sure what you think you were downloading, but I don't think you got the right thing.


    Yeah. :D

    My thoughts exactly. :)

  4. It has always looked and sounded like it blows. AphexMandelbrot sounds like an angry Slashdotter or something -- hey, he made awesome points... but the fact is... the crap blows. I can't imagine they're doing too well for their "target demographic". Who the flock buys a modern PC (to meet these asinine requirements) for gaming only to use GameTap... probably not a lot of f'n people. Most people who have crazy awesome hardware won't be the "target demographic"... and who the f**k is the target anyway? Jackasses? Suckers? People who want to pay $10/month for crap?

  5. I recently bought a Nintendo DS and I'm looking for some good games to play. Anyone know some good games? Below are some games I've really liked so far...


    Bust-A-Move DS

    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

    Mario Kart DS

    Point Blank DS

  6. Sounds like buffer overflow exploiting -- which would cause the restarting. Potentially, someone (if able through the exploit) could execute whatever kind of code they want to on your PC.


    I would recommend using only servers with the most up-to-date version of Kaillera -- and if that's where the problem lays, I would stay off Kaillera period.

  7. My IRC friend Thaddeus (famous for his NES ROM hacks, mostly) is working on a homebrew PC game heavily heavily heavily influenced by Castlevania and its later 2D tiles (like Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night). He has dubbed this new project: Vampiria. Here are some AMAZING mock-up (and barebones) screenshots of his artwork that will be later fitted into the (already programmed) game engine...






    You can view some more screenshots here, if you'd like.

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