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  1. GameEx was being updated and we've been missing the updates, here are the latest updates in reverse chronological order.


    GameEx v2.58


    - Now supports Mouse Wheel, for scrolling list.

    - Quicker Startup.

    - Fixed GameEx not initialising if ICONS used in some cases.

    - Fixed problem with Images not showing if resolution not 800 X 600 and Background mode was snap.

    GameEx v2.57


    - Now supports ICONS. Specify an ICONPath if you would like to display them alongside each listed game.

    - Tested with MAMu's ICONS, and looks pretty good.

    - If your ICONS are in a zip you will have to extract them. Processing them in a ZIP was too slow.

    - Displaying the ICONS does add a little time onto exiting a game and returning to GameEx. Not a lot, but if that bothers you, as with the other images displayed, you can turn off support for ICONS by not specifying a path.

    GameEx v2.56


    - Setting added to display Marquee images.

    - New setting added MAMEAudioMode. This controls sound and music when playing a MAME game. You can now play your playlist or Jukebox music while playing MAME. Pretty cool I think. Thanks to Sound Doc for suggesting this.

    - Better memory handling for images.

    - Memory usage should stay consistent now. Although I have noticed a memory leak with MAME videos that I am working on.

    - Official Homepage

  2. This was released a few days ago, below is a quote from the official homepage about what happened and is happening with SNESGT.


    As I described in my site, my HDD crashed several months ago.

    Some people worried that the development may be discontinued.

    However,the source code of the SNESGT was salvaged, which allows

    me to continue the development.


    -- What's new

    - Fixed several bugs with settings(about directory,sound and window...).

    - Fixed sprite glitches in the top edge of the screen.

    - Fixed a handling of ENDX flag in DSP emulation code.

    - Fixed a bug of the sound I/O access queue

    - Improved BRR decoding method.

    - Rewrote DirectInput device handling code.

    - Official Homepage

  3. O2EM, a multi-platform Odyssey2 and VideoPac emulator, has been updated. Below are the changes (all platforms affected).


    - Added support for 12kb and 16kb games. Trans American Rally+ works now.

    - Added fixes to the VP+ gfx emulation made by Soeren Gust. Flashpoint works properly now.

    - Fixed a bug in the Windows-specific emulation timing code that caused the emulator to crash when run on a Windows machine which was on for a few days without a reboot.

    - Fixed a bug in the emulation of the DAA instruction, which caused bugs in the score of several games (Le Tresor Englauti, Cosmic Conflict, etc.).

    - Fixed instruction timings (patch by Soeren)

    - Modified the palette to use values calculated from the Videopac+ RGB encoder specs by René van den Enden, instead of guessed values.

    - Other minor fixes.

    - Official Homepage

  4. RockNES has been doing a lot of fixes and updating lately, below is information on the update from today.


    - Fixed pAPU output divisor, making a clean sound again;

    - Fixed 4017h register issue (SMB3 dash & cracking block sounds);

    - Enabled proper gfx shutdown (was disabled due to debug);

    - Changed default blitter to 256x240, plus minor config fixes;

    - Recompiled 'alleg41.dll' module, fixing compiling warnings.

    - Official Homepage

  5. Byuu has been hard at work on his Super NES emulator. Below is a quotation of what he's said about this version (the WIP) on his site.


    - Today, I fixed quite a few things. First was an issue with VRAM reads, I wasn't copying the reads to a buffer, instead I was returning the immediate results. This caused a lot of issues, resulting in screen sections appearing to move to the left as things were drawn / redrawn.

    - Next, I fixed the sprites to start on scanline 1 instead of 0. Fixes paths clearing in Super Mario World. On the same line, I fixed the clipping of windows and color windows to be pixel perfect. I also removed the top scanline from the display (and two scanlines from interlaced modes 5/6). There's still a strange issue where every few hundred frames, there's one frame of garbled data. I also optimized the renderer by removing multiple passes over layers for each priority, and implemented a z-buffer instead. Sadly, there's no noticeable speed increase as a result.

    - I also modified $4210 reads to not transition the NMI pin from low to high until the register is read twice. I don't know if this is the correct behaviour, but it does allow my Der Langrisser translation that relies on $4210 to work.

    - I also fixed a bug where SRAM was not being written to a file when not in debug mode.

    - Official Homepage

  6. SNES Center, a frontend for SNES emulators was updated recently, below are the updates in this version (v0.25).


    - changed from GoodSNES 2.01 to 2.04

    - renamed Action RPG to Action Adventure, added Hybrid Genre to cover all the Genre Combination Games

    - added "Showing" label, you can see how many games are in the actual list

    - now SNES Center supports.zip,.smc,.smd and.fig as file


    - added SHOW Roms Menu, you can choose to show Roms available to you, Roms you miss or all Roms

    - Official Homepage

  7. After a week of inactivity, I decided to work on olafnes, and the new version is now available, below are the updates.


    - Changed some of the 'video' menu around, and added disabling of video option

    - Added a fair amount of support for mappers 82 (ex: Starship Hector) and 142 (ex: Captain Ed)

    The mapper updates brings the number of mappers supported to 81.


    - Official Homepage

  8. The slowly but surely developing bsnes was updated yesterday, below is what the emulator's author posted in his log for this update.


    - Doubled the width of sprites when the width of the screen is 512. The SNES Test Program now runs through all of the character test correctly. The windows are off-by-one though

    - Added the very bizarre 00:4300-00:437f memory region that is unique from 7e:4300-7e:437f. Then I added read support from $2180. This allowed the SNES Test Program to not crash after failing the electronics test, and it also fixed the horrible graphics corruption in Der Langrisser.

    - The fonts were still failing, so I went in with my tracer and found out what was causing it. The following code:

    gx816->regs.pc += (signed char)(arg + 2);

    This is the code used to increment the pc counter after relative branches. The problem is that I had parinthesis around the + 2 as well as arg. Therefore, if arg was 0x7e, 0x7f, 0xfe, or 0xff, it would change the sign. This would in turn make the program counter off by 256 bytes. Very bad. Fixing this fixed the font in Der Langrisser, and also fixed Super Mario World, when Yoshi spits a turtle out, the game will no longer crash.

    - Next, via the Der Langrisser world map, I realized that anomie's description of the BG/mode7 register latches was reversed: the BG registers (may) share a common latch between all of them, but the mode7 registers do not. I removed the common latches from the mode7 regs, but I haven't added the latch to the BG registers yet.

    - I also realized that clearing the entire screen on a BG mode change would probably not be a good thing for games that change video modes mid-frame. So I tried working on getting the weird single-frame garble that pops up every minute or so to go away, but to no avail. I'm having a difficult time tracking down the exact cause of the error, but I believe it to be a buffer overflow, or something along those lines.

    - Official Homepage

  9. AppleWin, an Apple //e emulator for Windows was updated today! Below are a list of the changes in this version.


    - Added emulator save-state (Save=F11, Load=Ctrl+F12).

    - Added Volume control for Speaker & Mockingboard.

    - Added control for keyboard buffer.

    - Added Save State page.

    - Changed Configuration Dialog to Property Sheet Pages.

    - Fixed problem with jerky graphics when in mixed HGR/TEXT (Olympic Decathlon).

    - Fixed sudden burst of 'full speed' after unpausing.

    - Fixed joystick emulation problem (Championship Lode Runner & Boulderdash).

    - Fixed FLASH problem when nothing changing on TEXT screen.

    - Fixed problem with internal 6502 emu's SBC opcode when in BCD mode (Dino Eggs).

    - Fixed Pro Mockingboard compatiblity problem (Pro-MB accesses are now ignored).

    - Official Homepage

  10. - Fixed toki sound (ym3812)

    - Improved priority bitmap emulation (faster and more precise) for cps2 and for the cave driver. It obliged me to rewrite most of the line scroll code and a part of the zooming functions, but I don't think it added any new bugs ! You'll see differences in the attract mode of csclub, dfeveron, feversos and in the ending screens of ddonpach.

    - Added rom region switches for mshh and mpangj (translated), and vhunt2r1 and vsav2 (only partially translated, but the service mode is translated at least). I don't think any other cps2 game needs a rom region switch.

    - Added a speed hack for mpangj

    - Fix bad color palette for snapshots in the gui in 16bpp sometimes

    - Added new cheat codes for armwaru, cybotsu, mshh, and vhunt2 from the Pugsy's and the Ultimate patchers cheats databases. By the way Pugsy's cheats helped me a lot to find the rom region switch locations in rom.


    - Official Homepage

  11. Hello, I'm the new poster here at 1Emulation.com. My name's Olaf, I'm also the creator of olafnes, the NES emulator. There'll probably be a lot more news being posted frequently now, basically because that's all I do since I am currently jobless. I hope to have a warm-welcoming here, and make this my new home on the Internet. I'll start my first day on the site off by a couple of emulation news posts. See you around, and keep coming back to 1Emulation.com. :(

  12. I was working on an NSF player yesterday while being taught a lot of stuff by Disch, NSF ripping is considered, and sound logging is going to be easily implemented when i get around to it (both being on my to do list previously, my to do list is huge).


    axl: a rom launcher is on my list, but it wasn't going to be that elaborate, your ideas have been considered, i was going to do thinks like cartridge and box scans and stuff though, and preview shots.

  13. believe it or not, that's something i've been trying to get finished, and something i personally want. i do have a disable sprite layer option... it's umm... under... nes > video > rendering > effects > disable sprites, pretty well hidden. but yeah, i want to be able to disable the background, it's something on my to do list. :P

  14. i read an cartoonish 50 page book on BASIC, and from there i started downloading BASIC source codes and disassembling them and altering code, i learned all the different keywords and stuff, and from there it's history, i just downloaded visual basic, and adapted what i knew, and downloaded more source code, and for the following 6 years after that, i was writing my own programs in different languages.

  15. the goal really, was to simply test myself. i've always wanted to have my own emulator, and to continue this project seemed like a good idea. the current goal, after achieving that goal, is to make the original emulator way better (basicnes 2000). i've been hard at work adding mapper support and new features, and that's basically my goal at this point. i've got unique features in my emulator that you don't see in other nes emulators (input switching, random rom loading, mapper substitution, etc.), and i'm very proud of that. i've relaly impressed myself with this project, it's slowly developing, but it's getting better all the time. :D

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