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  1. I watched plenty of "anime" series when I was very young on Nickelodeon. Many of the shows originally aired when Nickelodeon was brand new were anime. Click here and look around at some of the formerly broadcasted programs. Can't really be too sure which was my first -- as I was quite the youngin'. ;)

  2. MySpace is as far as I'll go -- and I really have no actual use for that. MySpace and Facebook is for the scum of the universe. My MySpace purposely has a crappy female layout and a really dumb picture of me -- and I don't talk about myself at all on it. Having a dic* size and popularity contest on the Internet is just as fuc*ing gay as it is in the real world.

  3. *hugs his Nintendo DS Lite w/his R4DS ever so tightly*


    I guess those DS games are especially original and innovative when you don't have to pay for them.

    I'm not quite sure if there was an attitude that complimented that comment... but if there was... I don't think an Internet forum based around emulation gives you room for said comment. :P


    ...also, I am by no means in the DS vs. PSP argument -- I would love to own a PSP (however, I lack the spare funds).

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