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  1. Hey, just wanted to get this link out in the wild. My IRC friend Sliver X was unable to pay for his hosting/domain and was going to let it die forever. I decided to pay for it for him and in the process I've spruced it and its forums up. The web site is Panicus.org -- "an emulation community". Some of the ROM hacking and emulator development scene's most popular people are hosted here or were at one time. Sliver X himself created Dragoon X Omega (a Final Fantasy hack done with his friend Thaddeus). I've turned Panicus.org into an "emulator hub"... hoping to function how Zophar's Domain once did. We're going to try to keep our emulator database as up-to-date as possible and filled with the greatest emulators! When I bought the domain, I deleted the old forum system (it was using SMF) and upgraded to phpBB -- you can see it here: Forum Panicus. Don't be afraid to register and post! The Panicus.org family hopes to breathe of new life now that we're a public site.


    Also, I'm extending an offer of free web hosting to anyone working on an emulation project! You get http://yourname.panicus.org and your own e-mail like: yourname@panicus.org.



  2. Windows Vista seems better for me. I do a lot of video/audio encoding/decoding... but I don't play modern PC games. At the very end of the article we have an informative closure...


    * Vista runs considerably more services and thus has to spend somewhat more resources on itself. Indexing, connectivity and usability don't come for free.

    * There is a lot of CPU performance available today! We've got really fast dual core processors, and even faster quad cores will hit the market by the middle of the year. Even though you will lose application performance by upgrading to Vista, today's hardware is much faster than yesterday's, and tomorrow's processors will clearly leap even further ahead.

    * No new Windows release has been able to offer more application performance than its predecessor.

    So, don't judge too harshly. We know that we can turn off indexing services and the sort for better performance. Every system needs to be tweaked to get the full potential out of its operating system and hardware.

  3. These are the games I think I've absolutely mastered...


    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis)

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Sega Genesis)

    Sonic R (Sega Saturn)

    Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genesis)

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade)

    Zillion (Sega Master System)

    Crash Team Racing (Sony Playstation)

  4. Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for Sega Saturn

    Saturn Bomberman Fight!! for Sega Saturn

    Pocket Fighter for Sega Saturn


    I got my Action Replay 4M Auto Plus in the mail finally the other day -- so, I've pretty much been playing any game that requires 1MB-4MB RAM expansion on my Sega Saturn, such as...


    Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge, Waku Waku 7, Astra Superstars, Vampire Savior, and craploads of other games.

  5. I'm glad the most modern game that's played on my PC is The Sims 2 (by my girlfriend, got it for her for Christmas). The only PC game I play is Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year -- I played World of Warcraft for a while -- but quit. I mostly just emulate old consoles and the sort. I rock a ATi Radeon 9200 Pro.

  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - This would need to be done the right way.. not like Sonic Advance and all those other games. A simple 2D sidescroller done like how Sonic was in his golden days. Complete with the (in continuation) line-up of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles back for another adventure against Dr. Robotnik. Hell, even a game in the style of Pandemonium would be perfect.


    NiGHTS into Dreams... 2 - Let's face it -- the first one pushed the Sega Saturn to amazing heights (graphically at the time and with a gameplay revolution). The game came out of the dawn of 3D exploration and did just that... and now that it's fully matured -- I would like to see what the Sonic Team could really accomplish with its old pet project.

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