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  1. The author also stated...


    Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that in the readme. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I reduced the amount of memory pSX uses in Windows by about 15-20mb! (there was a once-only leak during startup which I had never noticed before).
  2. Welcome back, man. Don't let life keep you down... it comes in waves of ups and downs and you're just in one of the downward fluxes. You'll get better in time, just don't do anything drastic. :o


    BTW, yeah, Israeli military women are babes... I've seen loads of pictures.

  3. This level is awesome.


    Yeah, that's basically the third build of Sonic Xtreme. The first build was a demonstration on the 32X... just to give fellow developers/higher-ups an idea of what a 3D Sonic game could be. The "tech demo" I discussed above is the second build for a 32-bit demonstration -- and then there's the more complete build (from the link you provided), which was what the game would've probably ended up being with only more level additions/spiff-ups.

  4. For those of you who don't know, a very early version of Sonic X-treme has been released. The version is a well-known tech demo that was, as the story has it, stolen from a Sega employee's car and sold to a collector(s). Following that, that person(s) sold it to some other collector who in turn, released it on the Internet earlier this month. The tech demo only features one level (an early version of what was to become Jade Gully -- which has been seen in later demonstrations of Sonic X-treme). There is very little roaming room in this one "level" demonstration -- but it's nice to play a piece of history. I'm not telling you where you can download this release -- but this is a friendly notice that it is out-and-about on the Internet now. Hopefully, in the coming years, we'll see a later and more complete version of Sonic X-treme released.


    I haven't tried it on an emulator, but I did burn it to a CD-R and play it on my actual Sega Saturn. With this and the Sonic 2 Beta and Alpha finally released -- all I need now is a later Sonic X-treme and I can die happy. :huh:


    P.S.: If you manage to find a release, make sure you scan it for viruses... there was an early one with a virus tagged to it.

  5. Wow, BlackKnight, those all look like very solid level designs -- and I love the hybridness of them. Though they have a more Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles feel to them, I love how Sonic 2 is incorporated. Especially in the Wood/Mushroom Hill Zone hybrid and the Chemical Plant/Launch Base hybrid. Beautifully done homebrew.

  6. IMO 1408 is a bad adaption of one of King's works (Like most of the adaptions). I just couldn't strive that the book is definately better then the movie. But according to my friends, who haven't read the book, they found 1408 to be enjoyable. Although we all prefer Transformers more due to the sheer f'n win factor of robots fighting each other. Infact, isn't that the reason we wanted to see anyways? To see giant robots fighting each other in the most epic way possible?

    Very true, and I totally forgot it was a King story until you mentioned it.

  7. damn that probably felt like a giant splinter from hell, you would think it would just be a gash or the skin would rip

    I read a more detailed article about it the other day -- they said it was actually in his muscle tissue and sh_t. That would explain it not just tearing through it.


    also, Robert, I think I know the video which you're referring to. It plays on those "wildest video" programs sometimes. It's being recorded from quite a distance, maybe even up a floor, at dusk?

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