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  1. I love the new Batman, and I am sure The Dark Knight will kick arse.


    But I hate these empty viral campaigns. Real teasers have at least some footage in them. This suggests to me they will probably build up some huge hype before the actual release.


  2. Question..

    I entered the commands (Both GUI and Command Line came with the same result) and got this


    ***** does not have a DLDI section

    what's this mean?

    Means whatever you're trying to patch doesn't support DLDI patching... period.

  3. Initial D (Japanese release only) for Sega Saturn is gnarley... one of my most played Sega Saturn games... very very 32-bit era, but I like old skool crap. All the races are night time-mountain Japan style street racing... and, IMO, the cars actually handle like cars... but what do I know?


    also, it's very well emulated in SSF. :shootem:

  4. I'd like to add that the "Manufactured Before September 2000" thing is one big ass myth. ALL units will run backups.


    It's also very easy to tell a selfbooting image from a non-selfbooting one. Selfbooting images contain 2 sessions. Either 2 Data, or an Audio and Data session. Bin/Cue and ISO are NEVER self booting as they don't support multi-session.


    You can also tell if an image is correct or not, by running a scan on it in Isobuster and programs like Nero will show either "?" or something odd beside a track in disc info if it's incorrect. (I don't use Discjuggler, it's quite problematic for some people)


    There's more to know, as I've got nearly a complete US collection and I've had to selfboot several of my own. Daemon Tools will suffice for any image you wish to burn, with any software as long as it supports Disc Copy.

    I updated the guide to reflect what you've said.

  5. Well, I've officially created my first guide for anything video game related: The Modern Guide to Sega Dreamcast Disc Burning. Why would I create this, you ask? Many of the guides I've found across the Internet are often out-dated and use old programs that I can no longer find or some other problem. Through trial and error/researching I've come up with a Dreamcast burning/booting solution that works for me and is thoroughly tested. It borrows from 1Emulation's very own Shibathedog's guides and gives it a much needed update, hence the: Modern.


    You can read the guide here, and that'll be its permanent homepage for future reference. All needed programs are hosted there and I will update the guide and/or links if need be.

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