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  1. Sometimes, I tinker around in Acid Pro and make songs from samples and stuff. I don't have any real direction with these, I just kind of make them in the moment and enjoy myself. There are no vocals, it's not really any sort of genre... it's just what comes out. I'd like to share some of it!


    - quick_song (Older, lost the project files)

    - Razorai (Older, lost the project files)

    - Speakeasy (Older, lost the project files)


    I made those above in the process of two days quite a while back. Below are two new songs I've created in the past two days (I've got some other ones I'm working on which aren't finished)... I WILL NOT BE POSTING THESE UNTIL I FINISH MORE


    - Prime

    - Defeat Them

    - Disturbance

    - Something Never Blah

    - No Hope


    Tell me what you think if you take the time to listen to them. I'm not expecting to make a billion dollars as some crazy artist... I just play with Acid Pro in my free time -- because I lack any other musical abilities.


    I'll probably post more songs and edit this post/repost as I make them.

  2. i hope they release it for PC as they released sh3 and sh4.and i hope the narration is more like silent hill 4 cause i liked that game more.

    I'd have to say The Room is my favorite... the puzzles are absolutely mind-boggling. The first time when I kept running through that one door (near the nursery) and then realized I was going through the same area over and over -- I freaked out.


    However, I'd say my best real scare was in 3 -- in the hospital with the crazy mirror. When my reflection stopped moving I screamed and threw the controller. It's the only video game or movie that honestly SCARED me and made me yell.

  3. I haven't seen this movie or his other movies. Why? Because I realize how one-sided and opinionated his movies really are. I'm not some neo-conservative or anything like that... it's just Michael Moore has less facts than opinions. As far as the American health care system goes... this movie is retarded. I have no health insurance and I've been to the hospital twice in the last year -- both bills added together are well over $8,000 and I didn't pay a god dam_ed dime. I'm all about trying to teach people how fu_ked up the world and America really is, but Michael Moore is just not this outlet. Especially when we have much more enlightening movies such as Zeitgeist. Just my opinion though.

  4. what do you mean you purchased for the RAM, is there extra system memory in the cart so it can run?

    It comes with a slot-2 device (the GBA slot) that provides the DS with extra RAM (for use with the Browser, Linux, and other things).

  5. I prefer my external USB hard drive (80GB SeaGate) for backing up all my data. It's great for reformats, crashes, bringing data to other locations, and so on. If there's something I really kept safe? I put it in encrypted/passworded files on a private FTP server or something.

  6. yep, my VCR is still hooked up


    sometimes the shittyness of the picture quality is what makes it awesome, You would agree watching some old cartoon in 1080p would be an awkward experience wouldnt you?

    Yep, I love nostalgia. Which is why the people like me keep onto old hardware, old software, implement things like the NTSC algorithm in video game emulators. :)

  7. Who here owns a flash cart for their Nintendo DS? What kind of flash carts do you possess? What size/brand microSDs do you have? What kind of Nintendo DS do you have? What games do you actually own? Any other neato accessories for your beloved DS?


    I've got a black onyx Nintendo DS Lite with a R4DS (slot-1) and 2 1GB microSD cards. The microSD cards are SanDisk and Kingston. I actually own Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and the Nintendo DS Browser (which I purchased for the RAM). I also own the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and this protector from Hori.

  8. That's the reason I haven't gone for a HD-TV yet, I'm waiting for a freaking format to be claimed dominant that way I can't get screwed over months from now.

    I'm in that very same boat, but it still bothers me. The more we introduce new formats to hold information over and over is going to cause us to lose more and more precious data. Think about how many VHS movies have still never even seen a DVD release, or old cartoons, etc. -- we're forgetting so much and not going back to save it. I've felt this way for a long time and recently in the past couple days Slashdot put up an article about this.

  9. Ys Oath in Felghana (english patch availabe for 5$ donation from nick.serveblog.net)

    Ys Ark of Naphistam (japanesse, no english patch but available on PS2 in english)

    Ys I and II (english patch from nick.serveblog.net for free)

    Keep popular games out, please.


    In relation to the Fatal Frame recommendation, Agozer, it's not popular enough in my opinion. I've heard great things by the few that have played this game and I've yet to try it -- and want to.

  10. Transformers is definitely an experience considering there aren't any robot movies to date like it.


    But i'd say the better MOVIE is 1408.

    Better acting goes to 1408. Better movie overall goes to Transformers, homie.

  11. White Chamber. A free adventure game you can download. It's like Silent Hill in space or some crap, I loved it.

    For some reason, I missed reading this line of text the first time. I Googled it and found the game -- I let it load and clicked around a bit, and it looks like it could be a pretty good game. I'm going to have to give it a serious try when it's not so late.

  12. Just got finished watching 1408 -- it was a pretty good movie. It rubbed off as cheap at certain points or a little too inspired by other movies, but it was pretty solid. It's good if you like scary movies or ghost/haunting stories/movies. I wouldn't pay to go see it in theaters though (after giving it a "preview"). You're better off going to see Transformers with your cash.


    I give it a 7ish out of 10.

  13. Its randomselect.i-xcell.com


    Its a mugen game that uses sprites from Sonic Battle, which was a fighting game on the gba. Wasn't that good though imo.


    The other fighting game I remember was Sonic Championship, which was 3d. I saw a machine of it somewhere in Wisconsin and played it a little. I think rings flew out if the opponent was knocked down or something. I don't remember.

    It's called Sonic the Fighters in its native Japan. It also appeared on home consoles in North American in the Sonic Gems Collection for the Nintendo GameCube. It's also available for the Sony PlayStation 2 in Japan. It was originally planned for the Sega Saturn... which I remember wanting badly, but never getting.

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