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  1. It can. I've tried it, I used the the ASUS softap. If that's the one you used then, you have to set SSID to visible, WEP off, and switch it to "OPEN". Thats it.


    I was able to use DSOrganize.

    Using the other drivers... yeah -- out-of-the-box? No.

  2. It was an easy thing for the computer to spam over and over to make battles unnecessarily harder.



    I've been a fan since the first installment of Mortal Kombat and I gave up after UMK3. I enjoyed all of them thoroughly but, as an adult now, I'd have to say the real fun died out after Mortal Kombat II. It just seemed like they were trying to milk it after that... and they continue to this day.

  3. I just picked up a Sega Master System, complete and in the box, for $5!


    It has everything it came with, and everything works like it's new including the zapper. Has the Hang On/Safari Hunt cart, and Parlour Games.

    Too bad light guns don't work on LCD/Plasma TV's though, had to test it on the CRT in my bedroom.


    Question is, should I sell this thing on Ebay? I only see a few on there right now, and they have bids but it's days until they end so I'm not sure what something like this would net me. I'd rather not even waste my time selling it if I'm only going to get $10-$20 for it.

    Nah, keep it or wait until I have money -- I'd gladly buy it.

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